10 most unusual professions that will catch you off guard

< Weeper's funeral

This profession is widespread in the UK. Here there are special agencies providing the needy for a fee, a specially trained people who will not only be present at the funeral, but grieve together with relatives of the deceased. Prices for such services are not high: two o'clock crying and grieving sobs guest will cost the customer about $ 70

sex determinant chickens


Workers in this sense in demand in some poultry farms in the UK and Japan. No special training to work in this position is not required: the main thing to have a keen eye and a little experience. Sex chickens usually determined from measuring the length and shape of feathers. An important role is also played by intuition.

Experienced determinant of the sex of chickens able to assess about 700 specimens per hour. On average, these professionals get about 60 thousand dollars a year.

< Bridesmaids

What is really there, form a team of bridesmaids who will support you in one of the most exciting days in your life, it is not easy. To assist a woman in such a delicate matter are willing to companies providing bridesmaids (for every taste, mind you) rented. One of these organizations exist in the United States and called Bridesmaid for Hire.

Services bridesmaids are not cheap - from 300 to 2000 dollars for a wedding, depending on the set of duties and the duration of the wedding

surfing instructor dog


The company, which for the money train travelers or less stay on the board and not be afraid of waves, no surprise. However, some add to its range, and something else - for example, the instructor for training dogs to surf. However, take the dog for training the teacher can only under one condition - the animal should not be afraid of water

. Instructors say that at the end of this training the dog may engage in "easy" surfing together with its owner. It turns out, by the way, very spectacular.

< Taster Dog Food

This unusual profession is also partly due to the dogs, however, it is not involved in the taming and training, and food tasting. Special tasters often hired as easy to guess, dog food manufacturers. The main duties of these employees is to assess the texture and taste of the product.

As a rule, tasters spit out the food, after evaluate its taste. The salary of a successful professional, for example, in the United States is about 117 thousand dollars a year.

person who occupies all

If an activity definitely does not require any training in general and specific skills (except, perhaps, innate perseverance), so it's waiting in line. Demand was such experts use every day, so that the work can be fully attributed to the category of seasonal. The peak usually comes at a time of large sales (the same as "Black Friday") and the presentation of new models of popular gadgets.

Despite the fact that the business is seasonal, with skilful approach to business can provide itself with the money for a few months in advance - that is, until the next big sale. According to the "Waiting" from New York, Robert Samuel, a week during sales, he earns about $ 1,000. The man is engaged in this guileless work for more than two years.

< Obnimalschik

Residents of big cities is sometimes so lonely that they have to seek the services of professional-obnimalschikov comforters. The duties of this specialist include communication with the customer on a positive wave and a friendly hug.

According to a resident of Portland (USA) Samantha Hess, obnimatelstvom doing, she earns $ 80 per hour.

on coconuts Specialist

In some hotels, located mainly in tropical countries can meet employees engaged exclusively collecting and opening coconuts.

< Miners snake venom

And this profession is not only unusual, but also very dangerous. The crux of it comes down to the extraction of snake venom, which is subsequently used in pharmacology. The source of the poison used earners, in particular, a rattlesnake and a cobra. One gram of the poison sold an average of $ 1,000.

< Artists by ash

Representatives of the profession creates jewelry, accessories and home furnishings with a very unusual ash -. Obtained by cremation of the deceased person

For his services to take a lot of artists. For example, the production of miniature suspension - as in the photo - will cost the customer $ 250

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