Map of the world through the eyes of an Australian

Came across an interesting map of the world through the eyes of people living in the southern hemisphere. This card is created MacArthur Stewart (Stuart McArthur) from Melbourne. His first card eyes living in the southern hemisphere Stuart painted in 1970, when he was 12 years old. Geography teacher asked remake homework and draw a map in the usual form, if Stewart wants to pass the exam. Three years later, while in Japan as an exchange jelly, Stewart became the object of ridicule from his fellow students from the United States, as it came from the bottom of the world. Then, at the age of 15 years, Stewart was determined to print the map of the world with Australia at the top. Six years later, while studying at the University of Melbourne, Stewart released the world's first map on which it was shown by a person from the southern hemisphere. This happened in 1979 on Australia Day. Since then, around the world has sold about 350,000 of these cards. In the continuation of such ische 2 options ...



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