Maps of the countries that will help to better understand the world

Hopefully, some of these cards will surprise you and you will learn something new.
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Countries where the service Google Street View is available

Countries that do not use the metric system

22 countries, which did not invade Britain (not shown Sao Tome and Principe)

Map "Pangaea", depicting the territory of modern states

McDonald's worldwide

Paid maternity leave in the world (in red - is not paid)

The most frequent names in Europe

Right- and left-hand traffic in the world (the red-right-left blue)

Map of time zones in Antarctica

The busiest air routes in the world, 2012

Visualization of global population density (in terms of people living longer than outside)

Flags of the World

Map of alcohol consumption in the world

Map of rivers in the United States

Map of the most highly paid professions in the US

World Map earthquakes

Map of the countries where they take bribes

World map of vegetation on Earth

The average age of first sexual intercourse

If the world's population lived in the same city

The number of researchers per million inhabitants

Import and export of oil



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