10 Things in Russia are better than in the US

Russians like blaming the life in the developed countries, and vice versa - kowtow to goods and services. Nevertheless, life in Russia, definitely has its advantages. Products and institutions that are designed better than in the US Website publish post Podoliak Mary, who lives and works in the United States. She decided to share her observations about some features of this country.

Public transportAvtomobil long been inaccessible to most of the citizens of the USSR, was part of the life of luxury. That is why, perhaps, so public transportation is developed in both large and small cities of Russia. Well developed and accessible bus transportation between small cities.

In the US it is not. The large US territory without a car you will feel "subhuman." A taxi is either absent or very expensive. I remember how I paid $ 25 to drive from home in North Carolina to the railway station, which is 7 kilometers (10 minutes drive).

About an excellent job in Moscow metro even have nothing to say: failures are rare, purely at the stations. The station, where I live in New York, is closed through the weekend for the past two years. And it downtown!

Means female gigienyProkladki Bella are 10 times cheaper and 100 times more pleasant to the body than the female local products. It seems that they are doing it from 100% polyethylene, which prilepaet to the skin and causes irritation.

ShokoladV Russia a huge selection of chocolate for all tastes. This topically "Babayevsky" chocolate you do not have the impression that you ate detergent.

Recently it began to appear a variety of «organic» chocolate brands in the United States. They can be eaten, but the tiles is 2-3 times more expensive than in Russia.

LCA and primary obsledovanieZa day in the clinic Alfa Health Center, I can get a complete examination of the gastrointestinal tract for any 5800 rubles under the special program. Initial evaluation in Russia is very rapidly LCA, affordable. Narrow specialists are available for recording at least the next day.

In North Carolina, I have tried to enroll your GP. The queue was for the month ahead. Of course, there are clinics that say walkins welcome - this means that you will get to a therapist in the same day. To a specialist -. Hardly

body scrubs Russia has two great cosmetics manufacturer that make the best scrub - it Clean Line (apricot pits scrub) and Recipes grandmother Agafia

. After naseneniya scrub, which is sold in the United States, I have the feeling that I was anointed with oil

Fruits and vegetables in the summer periodv Russia throughout the year are available in a series of vegetables:. Carrots, onions, potatoes, beets. A summer cheap fresh vegetables from the market grandmothers. Many go to the country and planted vegetables for themselves - they are available throughout the year from the cellar

. In the US beet is 217 rubles per kilogram (rate - 70 rubles per $). A normal yellow onions - 183 rubles per kilogram

. Fruits, bought in a store in the US, may lie for a long time in the fridge and in a strange way not spoil. From what I get scared of them have

Medicines first neobhodimostiProstuda, runny nose, cough -. In Russia there are different ways to heal itself without the use of antibiotics. Tincture of eucalyptus, activated carbon, chamomile in the filter bags, balm "asterisk" will allow you to quickly recover and not go broke.

In the US, the majority of medicines available on prescription. And local doctors have the habit of prescribing antibiotics for all

available cellular communications and Internet at home, I use Russian Yota -. I have enough 500 rubles per month (unlimited Internet and 100 minutes of talk time). And the number of different packages from operators - a huge

. In the US, I pay $ 50 (1,500 rubles) for 1 GB of traffic and unlimited calls. Each additional gigabyte costs 700 rubles. Operators are, as a rule, all three packages for prepaid customers.

Home Internet in the United States is from 1,500 rubles ($ 50).

Dairy products (except cheese), yogurt, sour cream, milk from local producers are affordable and very tasty. Also reassures me that the Russian sour still starts mold. That is, it is a living product.

Sour cream, which I buy in the US does not go bad, it leaves with water. And it is not the most pleasant to the taste.

Curd bars here do not occur. But kefir can cost 384 rubles a Whole Foods store in New York.

Lingerie US belёV very badly with female underwear. Bra is a thick layer of foam, so that was not visible nipples. Nipples - it is not politically correct. Find beautiful clothes is difficult.

In Russia and CIS countries many good manufacturers of underwear: Milovice, Palmetta and others. Lingerie feminine, light and reminds me of armor.

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