The man dropped 8 million trees and restore the forest, carved 100 years ago

MC Davis, a former gambler and businessman, spent $ 90 million of its own funds to open the largest private reserve in the United States. Over the past 20 years, Davis dropped more than eight million seedlings, and now it is a forest full of endangered species. < Website in a hurry to share with your readers an inspiring story.

For his 70 years of MS Davis has come a long way from the close of the trailer on a dirt road to a million. Skopje his first capital in the gambling business, our hero is engaged in trade of land and property rights.

< So did hundreds of millions of dollars ... but 20 years ago there was a coup in his mind.

"It all started when I was stuck in a traffic jam. There was rain, and I was very annoyed. - Tells the MC Davis - And then I saw a school tent with the "Presentation of the Black Bear" sign. I do not know why I went there. I never thought, whether in Florida ever black bears. »

It was the usual lecture about native land for children, how to die is our nature, that it should be protected and preserved. For Davis, it was a revelation, he plunged into the theme of ecology with the same passion with which previously played cards.

He began to read books on ecology and decided to spend his fortune on the protection of nature. Now it has become a matter of his life.

For 20 years, Davis has invested about $ 90 million to buy land from logging companies and to restore the forest, fully carved about 100 years ago. His project, he called «Nokuse», which is translated from the language of an Indian tribe cry means "Black Bear».

Davis found exactly the kind of bog pines that used to grow on the land they purchased and planted millions of seedlings. For 20 years he has completely restored an entire ecosystem, humans destroyed v1930's. They are completely cut down the trees and allowed them to lumber.

Now it has grown a new forest, home to eagles, ospreys, lynxes, foxes, raccoons, armadillos.

And this is only the beginning of the project Nokuse calculated by as much as 300 years. Davis himself has not long to live, he had lung cancer stage 4, but his case continues his team. All their money millionaire bequeathed to the implementation of its environmental project, as well as the maintenance center for environmental education, which he created for the training of Florida students.

"I can not change people your age, - says Davis adults - but give me fourth graders ..!" His idea warms his heart and makes smile

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