So beauty still save the world?

Spaniards disappointed me in the extreme. I am of them did not expect. More precisely, even without all the Spaniards, and specifically Spanish scientists. They, you know, found that beautiful women are a threat to men's health. No, well, if the conclusion made by British scientists, I would have understood and smiled indulgently. There is nothing surprising in this, I would not find it. There is another and expect something not necessary.
But the children of Velazquez and Goya? Guys, why are you serious? Experiments there some wires, put in one room exclusively male contingent puzzles to solve, and in conjunction with other well very beautiful girl. And in their hands, the left, in the men's team puzzles were solved quickly and without delay, and that's where the lady was present ... There's played hormones. And the people was no longer to solve some numerical puzzles and other uninteresting heresy. Muzhchinki wanted to meet and begin to make friends. A stress hormone levels in the blood test started off scale. Type as a parachute jump.
People! Hey, this is a normal reaction! Ale! You want? Do not tell that this overabundance of cortisol can lead to disruption of metabolism. That is, if people do nothing will happen, it just lead. And you did not think to give them the opportunity to learn, rather than sit idols? Clearly, if only from the watch, there are not only hypertension impotence develop. There is on-site and can Kondraty enough. Or if you take a different situation and, for example, to compel a person to get acquainted with the continuation of a not very good, to put it mildly, pretty lady. What hormone then leaped? Let us once again recall the potency and diabetes.
We demand a deeper study, for with these results strongly disagree. As in this case, beauty can save the world?


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