All that is looking for a woman already has within itself

Many girls approach their changes are too fanatical, considering it necessary to remake themselves and even break to adjust to a certain ideal, described in his lectures and writings.

Their task - as soon as possible to become a different person at all - at all costs and as quickly as possible. This is similar to the "rapid weight loss" when in the course are any terrible pills, hunger, severe stress on the body, surgery and other dangerous tools.

Instead of having to change your diet, learn to love your body and listen to it, live the emotions that are usually seized - that is, small steps to reach a big goal. But this way of solving problems is rejected as not sufficiently fast (although much more effective in the long run).

All that is looking for a woman already has within itself. Once she was born whole, complete and perfect. Do not believe me?

Look at all the little girls - they already know how: and pray and obey, and trust, and care. He is never lazy, they may spend days surrounded by care and love their toys. They are directly in the manifestation of their feelings, open and sincere. And clean.

But over time, the girl can explain that she does not, that the goals it should have other, that it generally has to be useful to society and independent. Girls believe in it (they always believe those who love) and abandon themselves, and all that is important and valuable to them.

The farther away, the more confused girl. She may be, already has everything she has achieved a lot, but inside - a void. Why? Because she struggled for many years climbing the stairs, which she identified the parents, teachers and other good people, but this is not a ladder in that wall.

Women do not do happy things and events themselves. Many are unhappy, even marrying the man she loved, giving birth to even wanted children, becoming the mistress of the house of your dreams, with a lot of jewelry, clothes and everything else.

If the woman "is not in itself" is far from itself and its essence, it will rush like a wounded animal in a cage, and look for something else, something else. And not realizing that it is necessary to look inside, it will begin to look outside - trying to change her husband to go to work, to build a business

. But the girl - is a woman - could be happy - she had to go back. At the point of their own strength and purity. At the point where it is - a piece of the divine universe, living in harmony

. She did not need to work on themselves, to break myself, rape, customized by any standards. All this will come by itself, when it returns to its point of strength. When she returns to her.

Then dare and many of its problems - it can and duties of their love, and their vocation to find and establish a relationship. But the main thing - it will be able to experience the same happiness, for whom he chases a lifetime. Which can be found even without many external "required attributes of happiness" - such as a husband, a child, their own home, business and other

. Therefore, we want to lead you to a marathon is not somewhere in a brighter future, we are doing everything we can, so that he drove you to themselves. But it also must be your desire to exactly the way it happened.

This does not mean that everything will happen by itself, and nothing else to do will. The process of returning to their not so simple - to realize where you climbed so many years and why, to go down, to estimate where your ladder is to rearrange and re-commit is "climbing" is already there, where you need to. This is not the easiest way. It can be very difficult and painful. And stand in their usual ladder is much easier, though not happily.

The purpose of the marathon - to help you get back to myself, to hear their wishes, the voice of your heart, begin to trust your instincts, your body become more honest with yourself and honest in relationships with other people

. At least - to take the first steps in this direction (such a journey can not be fully completed within a couple of months) or at least find out where to go and how

. It is in this marathon, and can help you if you want it. If in the course of the marathon you will every day to treat myself and my inner "I", to explore it, to return all lost, cleared of all superfluous, to try something long forgotten. Maintain a conscious life, to be closer to itself - and hence to the own happiness. The world changes when we change.

I have the same as a woman - means to go back to basics, back to him. All you need is already inside of you. It remains to find and remember it.

Author: Olga Valyaeva


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