Notorious man - the sign of every woman should know

This feature complexed guy every woman should know. Be careful!

To check you need the most ordinary aunt of indeterminate age, but it must necessarily have a weight and look bad. Rather, aunt to be worse than better. Face aunt should be swollen from alcohol. If you manage to find her aunt entirely without teeth, it is generally ideal.

Spotted aunt followed her. Find out her usual route. When she leaves the house, which goes to work, when he returns from work. You need to know the time when the aunt is especially tired. After that, you can sigh with relief. Most of the work you have already done.

Now it remains for small. Adjust an appointment with a man in such a way that the selected aunt certainly got into his field of vision. For example, I came home from work with heavy bags, while a man is gently hugs your waist.

Once the look of your men fall to the unfortunate, sad breath. Say something like, oh, what a pity. It's the former first beauty of our school. Years with 15 twisted with guys often changed men liked to drink, smoke, and that's worn out prematurely.

Take care of it a modest shy boy, but she refused, she voshkalas rich. And now what it's like? Aged that take with it. It has become thick, and bad teeth. Half of all fell. Nobody now her marriage takes. So it will have to live out their days. With cats.

Ideal would be if your accomplice at this time to release around the corner a few cats. To cats do not run out before you can pre hide them in a bag. The appearance of the cats will give a person the stage tragedy and doom. In addition, there will be sound effects, worthy of all this drama. If you do not have to hire an assistant, simply write the opposite meowing on tape.

You will immediately see how the face complexed men raspolzetsya satisfied smile.

 - Grasshopper dragonfly ... - notorious stretch satisfied man, holding up his index finger. - Summer of red sang, so go and I will dance the same ...

Notorious men, in contrast to normal, very fond of, when the former beauty (and former wife, too) punished. This is a very resource state. A moment of justice. Zakomplesovanny man eyes sparkle as if with him just now killed Osama bin Laden. He is happy. Now he has a history that can be transmitted by word of mouth.

He did not need to know anything that does not get better from men, but from the rolls. A dental health depends on genetics, acid-base balance, diet, in the end, but also not from men. What a bad haircut is treated not marriage, but a good hairdresser. It does not matter that this aunt has nothing to do with your class. What it has long been married. And maybe she did and never was a beauty. Do not tell him that. Do not break the buzz. Leave it to revel in sweet revenge ...

You may ask, why the heck do we need such a nasty, notorious little man? That's what I think about it ...

Therefore, always avoid men, rejoicing in others' bad appearance or unsettled personal life. Particularly ex-wife or classmates. Bad is a sign. Very bad.

Moreover, it is clear, even if not to make clowning with cats and aunts, but simply a better look at the man. As he talks about the women? whether their failure rejoices?

We agree that such behavior - a marker showing the complexes?


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