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Today all heard and know a lot about healthy eating. And rssmatrivaetsya this the only general. Healthy human nutrition. But the power of a man and a woman must be different. Separate the same gender-based logic: there are men, there are women's physiology: male and female. The brain is designed differently - men have more gray matter, women - white. So the power required by different names according to gender.

Unfortunately, many women are mistaken in thinking that only cosmetic will look good, just a constant skin care can remove the signs of fatigue, or to prevent or remove all wrinkles. Do not hurry to run to the store for expensive cosmetics, let's look at what should be a woman, her body in terms of nutrition. Maybe some of the problems can be avoided simply by more carefully selecting products for their diet.

Beauty comes from within, we heard for sure. Let's not forget about the physiological characteristics of the female body. When the monthly process lost a lot of blood. Therefore, to 40-45 years may develop iron deficiency. This leads to a chronic disease, muscle weakness. It's time.

Modern life, on the one hand, freed women from hard physical labor, a woman spends less energy - less calories you need to consume per day. And this is not always the case. How many of you, or at least about meticulously monitors calorie food? It's two.

The rhythm of life is really, saturated, and not enough time on nutrition: eat quickly and save time on dubious semis. It is not thinking about their health benefits, ie for beauty. This three.

Nature took care and created a huge amount of tasty and useful products for women. They work just inside. And outside a woman will always find how to use natural products in the form of masks, compresses, etc.

We offer several products that will not only improve health, but will have a direct impact on the external beauty. For example, products for skin beauty.

Every woman wants to permanently preserve a beautiful, firmer breasts. Pay attention to the foods that contain boron: fruits, nuts, beans, cabbage, any. These products help to preserve and improve the shape of the breast. And products, which include manganese, making the elastic chest. This raisin, a variety of spices.

Note aloe or everlasting. Surely, you standing on the window without cause. Here you advice. A tablespoon of juice before meals enrich the body with vitamins and beneficial trace elements, will promote digestion. And outside kompressiki discount on the face of the leaves with the skin. What we get as a result: improved blood circulation and, hence, complexion, and no acne due to bactericidal properties of aloe

. We go down below and strengthen the buttocks. With age, muscle tone is lost and skin. Add collagen required for this can be only one way - the right healthy eating

. If the body does not receive enough protein and vitamins, muscles become flabby, wrinkles and cellulite. Do not forget the bran. No expensive creams you decide these problems. Fueled by the body from the inside fruit, at least 4 times a day, eat small servings of fruits. Good effect gives pineapple (not canned!). It removes toxins from the body, normalize weight, enhances immunity. Did you know that pineapple enhance sexual attractiveness of women. It is a fruit of happiness and love.

However, great products for skin beauty?

Hair, of course, the beauty of women. Consider products for hair beauty. One of the wonderful hair products - oats. This oatmeal - a product that contains nutrients not only for the body as a whole, but also useful for blood vessels, hair and scalp. It contains all the B vitamins, A, PP, iron, calcium. Thanks to its unique composition, oatmeal cleanses the stomach and intestines, removes heavy metals. The result is improved and the structure of the hair, they become shiny and healthy.

Hair is also very useful carrot, it still it is good for the skin and hair.

Soy products are also useful for strengthening hair. After all, there's a lot of vegetable protein. Do not forget about these products for hair beauty.

From acne relieve peanuts.

Bananas are an amazing effect on the skin, becoming velvety.


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