Man free cuts dogs so that they could finally find a home team

Adult dogs need love and care no less than puppies. Unfortunately, with age quadrupeds are no longer so attractive in the eyes of others, to some of them remain without their owners.

A professional groomer Mark Imhov decided on their own to help the destitute vagabonds he arrives in Kennels and completely free cuts its inhabitants, the animals acquired a tidy look and it was easier to find a host


old shaggy dogs are much less likely to find a new home.

So on the advice of his bride, Mark decided to help animals regain their neat appearance.

difference is impressive - and all thanks to a neat haircut.

«My fiancee knows that brings me great pleasure to communicate with animals, and therefore advised me to try to help the shelters."

Mark and his bride remembered how dirty and shaggy dog ​​was their own, when they took her.

«first dog from a shelter, to whom I made a haircut, did not differ by good behavior."

«You know, if you would hardly have been a good boy, if we had this kind of as this dog."

«I brought him in order, and he became the most obedient dog."

«I see a dog change for the better, and it's great uplifting."

«And I know that they will respond lovingly to their future owners."



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