Where do I get the energy?

How many brilliant ideas are not embodied, and how many goals have not been reached for one single reason - lack of energy. And the consequences of lack of knowledge of where to get the energy?

Physical fatigue, frequent sickness, depression depressed mood, secluded life, reluctance to act, and to begin the important things, avoidance of society and communicate with other people - that's a short list of the most common consequences of lack of vitality and strength

. Energy for man - for petrol cars. Whatever was not the latest model car, no matter what power was not the engine, but agree that no gasoline car will not advance a single centimeter. The same is with man. How talented and knowledgeable he was not, but if there are no forces, the dreams remain dreams and goals and not achieved.

However, many people often overlook this detail in mind, wrongly seeking reasons for their inaction and failure to lack of motivation, laziness, etc. To learn where to get the energy to race at full speed toward their goals and dreams, while feeling full of energy and motivation, we discuss in this article.

By applying these tips into practice, you will at times improve your physical condition, rejuvenate, you feel a burst of new energy and motivation.

1. Keep your circadian rhythm.

When a person is in tune with the natural cycles, he feels the force, inner harmony. Therefore, it is important to get up at 5-6 o'clock in the morning and go to bed no later than 22:00. Then the person well enough sleep, quickly restores strength and energy feels fullness.

2. Engage in any sport.

To keep your body in good shape, you need to give comprehensive, systematic load your body. Very good at solving these problems swimming.

3. Healthy diet.

Avoid foods that give you virtually nothing useful - canned foods, fried foods, sweets and other unhealthy foods. It is useful to include in your daily diet more greens, nuts, fruits and vegetables. The raw food has enzymes that cause food samoperevarivatsya in our stomach. If you eat cooked food, then for 30 minutes before receiving cooked food eat something from the raw food - perfectly suited for this cabbage, carrot or apple. Eaten raw food in advance to prepare the perfect environment for the digestion of cooked food. Also during the day drink plenty of clean water.

4. Take care of the organization of the working space.

As the man most of his time to work, it is important to organize your workspace. The room in which the person works, should be well ventilated and contain a lot of sunlight. This contributes to a better body with oxygen saturation and good humor man.

5. saturate yourself with positive emotions.

Smile and laugh more often. Laughter improves blood circulation and fills you with positive energy. Thoughts of good give you positive energy. And instead of negative thoughts and negative thinking, poor attitude to the situation - all it takes energy and devastates

. 6. Avoid stimulants.

Reduce, and best of all reduce to zero the number of drink coffee and various energy drinks. They only create the illusion of tidal forces and give cheerfulness for a while, but in the end lead us to greater fatigue in the future. For such courage will have to pay a lack of energy, and in greater numbers. And probably everyone understands that those who drink hard liquor, use drugs, smoke cigarettes only in vain wasting its vitality.

7. More often walks in the fresh air.

The slow conscious walking is very beneficial effect on the energy state of a person. During these walks man displays the accumulated negative energy and imbues your body renewed energy and clean energy.

8. Breathing.

In proper breathing hidden life force. Always breathe correctly can get rid of all diseases. If you just begin to breathe deeply and slowly, you will notice an increase in their own vitality.

9. Stick to a daily routine.

Planning your day will allow you to get away from the chaos and confusion that will help avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

10. Get plenty of dream and be inspired.

Communicate with people who inspire you and motivate. Put yourself to welcome the true goal, dream and do not limit yourself. This will provide you with a positive motivation, more force and determination.

11. Develop positive thinking.

Thinking man can fill his strength and energy, can contribute to the achievement of its objectives, and may instead be a debilitating factor. Such thoughts as "I can not", "I will not work", "I am a loser" etc. deprived of power and stifle your actions. Track the progress of your thoughts, and if you run into limiting beliefs, then replace it with a positive affirmation. This will give you strength and self-belief.

Be healthy, happy and full of strength!


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