What can you tell us about the picture on fingers

Special science that deals with the study of patterns on the fingers, called dermatoglyphics. It helps to understand how drawing on our fingers associated with character and behavior.

< Website has decided to reveal to you some of the secrets of this area of ​​science, in order to help you learn about yourself something new.

Loops - a common pattern for most Europeans. < This figure shows a calm, balanced character. These people are sympathetic and try to help others, easy to make friends. Very punctual and responsible, but rarely show initiative.
Sensations and the information these people mined mostly from communicating with other people. They are emotionally open and predictable. They differ good or excellent health, although a child can get sick very often. < By temperament a person with loops -. Do not sanguine carries a boring and monotonous job, which he is not interested. If drawing a loop on all fingers, it indicates a highly developed imagination and a certain detachment from reality. Such people say - not of this world.


People with this pattern on the fingers of energetic and confident Confidence is observed everywhere: in posture, gait, mannerisms, gestures. Sometimes it is impossible to convince and compel admit they were wrong, any decision they defended until the end. < Mostly concrete thinking. It is difficult to adapt to changes in the surroundings and listen to the views of others. Feelings are drawn mainly from the action. However, for the task often prefer to use other people's
By temperament a man with arcs -.. Choleric He loves and appreciates music, art. And he, as a rule, expressive, artistic mimicry.
In a difficult moment he must be busy with something, do something, you have to distract yourself by any practical action. Do not suffer in the relationship of tenderness, but it is a very dedicated and his never give up.

People who dominated on the fingers curls, hot-tempered, but temper quickly subsides. < gifted creatively grasp everything on the fly, and are trained to quickly analyze any events Often they begin several things at once, but did not finish, and lose interest in them. Excitable, unstable psyche. Emotionally unpredictable hide their feelings and experiences. < Is the desire for solitude and introspection. often dissatisfied with themselves and in all doubtful. Feelings inside scoop and information - mostly in written sources.
By temperament a man with curls -. phlegmatic It's not very expressive, quiet, slightly delayed. If on the index finger of the right and left hand have curls, then such a person born thinker. And it has a predisposition to the programming, legal, and scientific works.
If you draw a general conclusion, the people with curls diverse, complex behavior, they often do not know what they are capable.

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