It is time for change - even Awaken wolves. And we...?!

Caught in a snow trap tap American Mary gave birth to a healthy baby weighing 3, 4 kilograms. Help in childbirth she had a pack of wolves, which, as it assisted in childbirth.

- If it was not their concern, my baby would not have survived. Wolves warmed us, licking the newborn, one of them bite the umbilical cord. They helped me to take the baby to feed. They protect us until help came. "
Mary cock was in her eighth month of pregnancy, when returning home, I got into a terrible storm. The car slid off the road and got stuck in a snowdrift. Mary got out of the car, hoping it will pick up "a ride". But the blizzard all increased. Desperate woman decided to go to the city on foot. She struggled to overcome about 800 meters, and then she suddenly started labor pains.

Will take place far away, where there was less snow, Mary difficult to get there and because of the pain and the fear of losing consciousness.

"I came a few minutes later - says Meri.- My head was lying on the back of a huge wolf, probably the leader of the pack. The rest of the wolves, and there were about nine, I was surrounded by a tight ring, obscuring the blizzard. I do not even have time to get scared. 20 minutes later I had a baby. " One wolf gently gnawed the cord, and then licked the child together with his girlfriend. The remaining wolves clung to Mary, warming it.

Mary tried to take the baby in his arms, but did not have enough forces. The same wolf peregryzshaya umbilical cord to the baby's nose nudged her. Baby crying, which meant that he was alive.

Mary gave him a chest. "Wolves were always beside me, guarding against a solid wall of snow meteli- I was like a member of their flock in need of assistance. Leader of the Pack snow licked the tears from my cheeks. "
Familiar Mary cock found abandoned car and immediately began a search. I am seeing a pack of wolves on the hill, and decided that there was something terrible. They began to shoot.

Wolves run away. And then I found out the woman with a newborn baby, leaning against a tree.

Wolves do not run away, they published watched people carry their ward in the car.

"They will not forget me - told reporters Mary Kranik.- select someday with my little Billy on the spot. I'm sure they will come. »

If not for the witnesses who found Mary surrounded by wolves, no one would have believed in this story.

Foresters and hunters refuse to comment on the case - they had never heard of something like that. They dissuade a woman to meet with "bloodthirsty" saviors. But Mary does not listen to persuasion taps and looking forward to meeting.

Based on materials
"Friends and enemies of man»
O. Timchenko and VB Shaparev.


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