And happiness is attainable

Sadness without cause is especially prevalent in our time, pushing people on a variety of things, constantly pestering the inside and regularly gives itself felt. Besides that everything seems to be fine. If there is a reason for feelings, sadness can move to despair and suicidal thoughts, because "it got worse, and there is no hope." Age, social status and material security no role - the state, when it seems that something is missing, it can bother anyone. Looking at the chronology of events, it turns out, that was not always so, and there are some points of the deterioration of mental status.

They depend on the rate of development of the individual. For someone it could be well into childhood and adolescence began incomprehensible longing. Or everything was fine up to 20 years, and then life has ceased to be of interest. Some lose only a taste of life in old age, or indeed did not lose.

Most of all, of course, concerned with the causes of this mysterious phenomenon. For clarity, try to find the turning point from which it started. Most often, the point when everything was fine - childhood. And what would such a child that makes you happy? Immediately, two things come to mind: ignorance of the defects of human nature and openness. Some inner sense of things brings joy without any reason, you can do nothing, and yet rejoice. Then it became a sensation with the passage of time, as the people around them dictate the conditions of interaction with life, talking about the correctness of her stay in his own way, opening new, seeming at first glance, interesting and exciting, but quickly bored.

Openness is punishable by using it. This happens because a young mind is not yet capable of how to understand people and their intentions. In addition, children are staying in their dreams, rather than perceiving reality. Gradually accumulated negative experience, become aware of all the big crimes. And most people do not want to accept reality, they see what they want to see. As children begin to lie, or to believe in a lie. Their original value system varies greatly depending on family and friends. Moreover, a person is deprived of choice: he always say you have to do everything, throwing his own opinion. Immediately available and deal with life situations. In fact, imposing their points of view - the typical selfishness. Mistaken people do not want to consider themselves worse than the other, so unconsciously all see only disadvantages, and causes the same errors which were made by himself or borrows already soaked advice of their own kind.

Under the pressure of so much information and people, imagines himself the most intelligent, some are broken, become as selfish, cruel, greedy, taking someone else's rules of the game. Their life is no more spirituality and no place for feelings. Others always around doubt, unsure of themselves. At such increase their self-esteem. Others carefully hide himself, not adapt to live as they want, pretending to be selfish. The rest either remain open, so you can only envy, or fighting with others, aggressive response to any attempt to teach life. They somehow just sadness suffer the least.

Erroneous conclusion that sad because of the lack of cases and interesting developments. This is just a way to avoid solving this problem for a while indulge in the illusion. Earlier, people only lived in constant illusions, because the city is only built, industry is only developing, and there was a lot, besides supported by ideas. And what becomes of the most important - with feelings? People went against him, causing yourself heartache.

If everything is done only for the body, but the soul needs are rejected, that is, whether it makes sense in this life? This is what causes the latent sadness. A trained, brought up other people mind sees only material needs, always looking for a solution to the problem is only in them. They can be fully satisfied, and then remind yourself of the soul, the language of which is forgotten in the growing boundary.

Causeless, frequent, prolonged sadness - is a good sign. So, all is not lost. Life tests us the strength and suitability for the transition to the higher worlds, we call paradise. Correct position, having regained the joy of existence is possible only if the soul that really is your essence, your road and you are ready to act to save her.

To do this, we need to expand the perception of which has been narrowed down and crushed to a primitive logical analysis of what is happening with a lot of distortion caused by the imperfection of the mind, the lack of information and complexes.

Try to take all the items and situations inner feelings rather than encyclopedic knowledge. Believe his soul.

Do not take other people's opinions, always qualitatively analyze them and questioned. You - not all, not at one factory stamped

. You always have an opinion. Something you like that do not. It does not matter whether there is a legitimate reason for it. No one has the right to decide for you, what principles to adhere to. Always defend their opinion and follow it.

Never make excuses. Justification - recognition of its weakness and inability to take responsibility for their lives. And people are not angels and the gods to judge you.

Grow. Read books, watch movies with meaning. Philosophical research will suffice for a long time.

Think. All wrong. If your thoughts, your decisions, your position in life are taken from someone else, hence it belongs and your life. Finds its. Do not be afraid to think. This ability to strongly inhibit the selfish manipulation, allow them to make yourself a slave or not - you decide

. Do not divide the world into good and bad. If your life does not happen "bad" can be, at this point it has long been broken. Track chain of cause-and-effect relationships. In life there are no problems, only situations. Treat them as a lesson. The more hits - so, you're worse than you know what you are trying to convey. Analyzing your life is easy to see that it is making every effort to develop you, but you still have the choice to walk boldly forward or degrade

. Accumulate awareness. Always understood that, and why, examine new.

Impartiality refers to anything whatsoever.

Watch your thoughts wishes, they come true. If you want everything to be bad - so be it. Do you want to achieve something - imagine how it should happen, as if everything has already happened. And you will.

Try to be open and trust life. At least to the best of friends.

Learn to look up words. Find the approach to each person. Not necessarily something to someone to prove, or to open all the cards. Just Be able to find a common language, and provide useful information in terms of development. Those who drink spirits do not need to tell the laws of magic, he has enough laws of psychology to understand the root of their problems.

Find like-minded people. They are, simply, you are likely to notice and they are not afraid: seem backward at their background, and what they can learn a lot about you may condemn you. Afraid it is not necessary, not for the life given to her to live in fear, missing valuable opportunities.

You probably have any hobbies and areas of interest. Perfection in them to achieve success.

Remember that there is always a way that you do not know. Do not go-trodden road - overtake on bends. Look for original and convenient way, do not care what others can not realize their practicality. It will go on them, you, not them, and for you to decide.

Interesting is over, start to explore more serious things like esoteric, practice. Or they learn about the religious way. This is a new stage of your spiritual evolution.

Never forget that it is not the world of boring, but just a little, you see. For blind or deaf he is bored, all limited by your perception.

Drop the ego. Your instrument - a clear vision of the situation and the perceived fairness

. Live in the present tense. The future never comes, if you constantly think about it: when it's the moment that you are constantly thinking you will think nothing of other distant point. Shifting your perception on tape time you miss the moment, life itself is when you exist, than it is necessary to enjoy. Exist currently, or will not see how life suddenly ends. The same applies to the past.

Do not be afraid of responsibility. The biggest responsibility - your life, which will always belong to you, no matter how it looked

. Remember the moments of childhood, and return to that state.

All in your hands. Sadness comes from indifference to his own fate. And happiness is attainable, do not need anything for him, it is the same condition as sleeping or waking. Now that it has come, it is necessary to wake up.


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