Break free from the influence of negative associative connections and become even happier.

Sometimes it happens: in our past there was a kind of dramatic situation. It was very painful, and the responsibility for this our pain we can assign not only participants in the drama, but also on the environment, objects and even the things that are "present" at the same time.
And something strange happens: the object or situation that occasionally appears in front of us. And we, of course, wonder why the memory still haunt us
That's how the associative emotional ties. This planet - the planet of lessons, tests and examinations. If something hurts us and causes an unpleasant reaction - it will inevitably appear in our lives over and over again
Now our goal - to get rid of the negative influence of associative connections and become even happier
Example. In my last (already more than ten years have passed) was so difficult, very painful situation, in which the "present" a kind of spiritual books. My mind is (unconsciously, of course) seriously entrusted it with the responsibility for all the pain that I experienced then, and I believe that it (the book) is destroying everything dear to me attitude. And since this is the name of the author and I were "in my black list" of the unconscious. At the same time this work, I have not read even once, until today. But this book reappeared in my life, and again, I began to experience the same emotions.
While there is nothing, absolutely nothing negative external happening, included strong emotions, experiences, there was a desire to get rid of this book. I felt a real danger. Keep track of all of this, I came to the use of an interesting practice, which brought great joy, a sense of freedom, an inspiration for further development. Sharing.

Step 1: What is the situation we are working? What causes us to influence the negative association?

For example, it may be, once again, reminiscent of certain events environment, weather, object (such as a guitar, because of which you have experienced so much pain and frustration that is now at the mere sight of the instrument having all the same "fresh" emotions ) and so on. d. you can work with a person who is in you is certain associations.

Step 2: Resource status.

At the beginning of this work is in its essence is not easy, because emotions are literally absorb all the thoughts, do not give a sober assessment of the situation. Therefore, before proceeding to the next step and immerse yourself in this practice, it is important to calm the mind, to remember yourself in the past, when you were in the best state of mind, feel confident, I was motivated and determined.

As soon as this comes a state of rest - can continue. Otherwise - it will not work on self-development, but an act of emotional self-torture, which could lead to the fact that in the future, the application of similar practices, will block the mind, rejection of methods of liberation of consciousness
Step 3. I - an outside observer, the narrator
It is necessary again for emotional security. Take care of yourself! Try to take seriously the fact that the thrifty use of his mind, because this work - work with a long painful situations. And the more time passed, the need to be more careful, reasonable and accurate with his subconscious. Excess psychological trauma, I'm sure no one wants.

So, imagine that you are telling a story, which certainly have a special secret mystical sense, but you avoid the "I" phrases, "me", "me". It happened once with someone. Facts, facts. Data. At the end of the story to find emotions that subsequently caused negative associative link. In my case it was the anger and fear. There may also be feelings of guilt, grief due to deep disappointment, shame, and so on. D.

Step 4. disidentify.

For example: the situation, the book, the emotions. It is here that the negative gap of associative links. That was such a case - and here was the reaction to it. Could be a different reaction? It will be just fine, if you describe the other response options. For example, a smile, ignoring the desire to find the answer together, and so on. D.

Step 5. Possible positive role or mission of the project "the former" Association.

This is aerobatics. You can skip this step and proceed to the next, is complete, if it does not. But suddenly? Worth a try!

So, let's continue the example: could the book (name your "object") to play a positive, developmental role in the story? It turned out, yes! I just do not see that it is the ability to correct many situations, but I refused then to take advantage of this unique event. But still it can be corrected, if appropriate, it is necessary and urgent. The main thing - this book is now synonymous with the assistant and spiritual mentor
Step 6. Exam.

Without this step, the whole practice - zero without a stick, does not mean anything, you need to check yourself completely. So, in my case: you need to take and start reading the said book. Someone will "hated" the guitar and try to extract the melody, someone calls someone who once was extremely unpleasant, someone will go to the building where there was a situation lesson.

Importantly, do not tire of repeating, is not tired, if you do not razotozhdestvili itself (in this case - your emotions) with these objects, it is not necessary to do that! It is better to work with the previous steps again or even to postpone the event.

Well, if everything worked out? Congratulations, you see these things, objects, these people a whole new way! The result: a sense of liberation, incredible ease, joy, gratitude lessons of the past, the state of inner strength, etc., etc. The holiday - in a word
....! Out of the process we have repeated persecution "unpleasant" situations. Work with the following (if it takes place) will be much faster and easier.

I wish you happiness!

© Nina Sumire


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