Our universe is a huge reservoir of energy. Countless rays, forming a powerful flow, saturate the universe with energy and form a common energy field of the universe. Modern quantum theory states that everything is made of energy, which is the main value, which determines the state of the systems of any size, up to infinity. The universe as we know it and the part, which is also subject to the laws of energy and like all living things, is animated. The human body and all that is the epitome of energy. Man is a small universe that can produce their own energy, and to receive it from a large universe.

What is the human energy? This is his life force, which is composed of two energy components: external and internal - physical and spiritual. Bodily, it is largely dependent on the outside world, on the environment, food and water that we use, from the actions that we perform. Spiritual, it depends on our internal state - emotional stability and positive or negative thoughts and intentions. Somatic energy accumulates inner, spiritual energy and directs it outward. Our body is in an ideal conductor of our Spirit. Not for nothing do they say that harmony begins within. Net positive thoughts and sincere intentions - the basis of our health. Net actions based on the harmonious domestic I - Harmony
Many people have signs of strong energy and any person who is a carrier near a power able to feel them. They manifest themselves in terms of character and behavior of people, their inherent charisma, commitment, confidence, high spirituality, and much more, which indicates their high energy potential.

Energy potential that the person is its ability to produce its own energy, to accumulate and absorb it from the outside, as well as rational use. Using the energy for the benefit of, a person gets back double the charge, and thus accumulates power. Producing negative emotions, committing negative actions, the person loses strength, and hence health.

Giving, making sincere good business, we also receive. We get internally. This means that our health will be complete, and the life of joyful and happy. Harmonious people - a happy man, and people are always comfortable to be around him. Confident, happy man radiates a special strong energy charging space around positive. A strong man power - the battery for the others and the space around. All blossoms next to a man with a strong positive energy.

If a person has a strong positive energy, other people feel comfortable around him. One only influenced by his biofield such a person is able to positively influence others. At the same time, people with negative energy is completely opposite state. People around him are feeling discomfort, anxiety, the oppressed, those with weak power can be felt and malaise.

In its energy potential of people can be divided into several types. These types differ from each other opportunities to generate, accumulate and release energy and are divided into people with bad energy and people with good energy.


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