The truth about what it means to be a strong woman

That's what my friend wrote me the other day: «a strong woman nobody likes. Men waiting for the woman to be weak and vulnerable. Strong woman - is merciless or tortured than a woman. In the end, it is simply unattractive. »

I have read this message. She sighed. I calmed down. Re-read again, resisting an incredible desire to write to this person all that I think, starting a protracted war on the Internet, which eventually would lead to the fact that all stuck to their same opinion. But, damn it, that description just does not give me to live in peace!

< Listen, strong woman - This means that I can stand up for themselves. This means that I - holistic personality, one that is independent from anyone and is able to support themselves. This means that I have my own opinions and principles, which I have always adhered to.

This does not mean that I never ask for help. I beg. Often. And it does not mean that I am weak. It says that I am able to admit I'm not a super-woman, and that I need other people.

Being strong does not mean that I close the others, because I think that I am better than them. This does not mean that I suppress the opinions of others. This does not mean that I was "ruthless and exhausted." Strong woman - a woman who loves himself and his world, and so she is confident, positive and ready to love.

< I am a strong woman, because I know for sure who I am.

And the fact that it is difficult to love strong women - it is quite a misconception. In fact, just the opposite. < Strong woman - is the best woman you can fall in love We have a very strong character, but who can sympathize.. We like to sincerely, because first of all we are able to love yourself.

If you are afraid of the concept of "strong woman", perhaps it is because you know that a woman will make you think and change, cause look at the world differently, challenge you. But at the same time it will allow its second half also show her another world and open a new person within yourself. < Do not confuse the concepts of independence and an inability to let someone into your world.

The world sees us as a threat, though. Just have become "too much" we "too frightening", "poor" and "exhausted". But none of these descriptions is not true.

We - a woman with a solid understanding of themselves and the principles. Women who are not afraid to be proud of themselves. Women, who know the value of their vulnerability, their passion and strength. < We - women, who will compete with any person, laughing to say that we have to change yourself in any way.

Author: Marisa Donnelly
Translation and adaptation of the Website
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