10 things you should stop doing right now

Even a small habit that you have in the present, can have a big impact in the future. It is - as the butterfly effect. And you have to try very much to these effects were positive.

To do this, we Website made a list of things to stop doing right now, so as not to regret it in the future.

1. Pretend to be someone you are not. H3> You - a man. This definition includes the original that you will make mistakes. A lot of mistakes. But you do not have restrictions on development. You do not have to be perfect to be considered as a complete human being. Because of the fear of being imperfect, you do not show their true colors. You should never be afraid to be who you really are. Normally, when we're trying to fool others, we are only fooling ourselves.

2. Let others decide for you. H3> Do not unquestioningly follow the advice of others. Listen, analyze, but in the end decide for yourself. What is best for you at some point, it is sometimes difficult to see from the outside. You are the only competent person who knows and appreciates its state to 100%. In the end, only you are responsible for their decisions, do not blame others, think with your head.

3. Being indifferent. H3> Be curious. Be curious. Open for yourself something new, not only in science, the arts or sports, but also in its surroundings. Interested in the lives of people close to you. The day will come when you will regret that paid little time with their loved ones.

4. Dealing with negative people. H3> If your life there are people who do not respect you, it's time to ask why. People around to inspire and help, but do not pull down. If this does not reset the ballast, you can get stuck in one place.

5. Avoid personal development. H3> The reasons for the reluctance of developing may be different. Someone thinks that it is useful in life is something more than what he already knows and can do, someone is lazy and lay everything on the morrow, and there are those who are sick "syndrome professional," considering that it is already nowhere to grow. In any case, they are wrong. The main thing that this realization did not come when it is too late.

6. Give up. H3> Never give up. NEVER. But this does not mean that we should not compromise or take a break. You have to think about how you will move to the goal: it is possible to change the methods to find allies, or take a breather. But keep going.

7. Hide true feelings. H3> You - a unique person! So, please let everyone know what you think and feel. Insert the ideas in the talk, argue, talk, and do not be afraid to express yourself. When you speak from the heart, often you will bypass concepts such as intrigue, hypocrisy, and the like.

8. Being indecisive. H3> Breathe. Again. Where are you now? There is something that you should do? Not domestic and global, that could solve your future? Do it. If you are afraid or you something serious obstacle, take a break, sit down and think about the good that can be done with the resources that you have to achieve the goal. It would be even better to write or sketch their ideas. If your fear comes back, remember this plan and you will be more confident.

9. Being lazy. H3> If you're thinking, "Oh, this is just about me," then it's time to change everything. This is a very important point. Write down on paper a list of what would you do and what to do if your not lazy. Rather, the list is impressive. Do not waste your precious time. One day you wake up and realize that you have 70, and you've done nothing.

10. Always choose a lighter way. H3> This does not mean that you have to work before losing momentum. Every day we face different opportunities open up, and we do not always say "yes" more productive choice. For example, instead of having to lie down in front of the TV in the evening, you can prepare an unusual dinner from some exotic cuisine or go to yoga. Do not be lazy, try the new, even complicated things, expand their horizons.

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