A quick and effective way to relax the eye

eyes need rest, especially if you spend much time at the computer. < Website I have found a remarkable exercise that instantly relieve fatigue from his eyes.

How do

Download and print this table. 3 The archive file. One table is immediately ready for printing in the other - the macro by changing the parameters that you can change the appearance of tables for specific needs, and the third file in pdf - it is convenient to use on the tablet.

Hang a printout on the wall at eye level. You can use the table on the tablet, but the only condition - to clean the screen brightness to a minimum. Arise from it a distance of about 30 cm and try to combine a pair of balls into one ball. In other words, each eye to look at a separate bowl. The principle is the same as in the stereo images. Once managed to combine the top pair in one ball - get down below. With each step down relaxes the muscles of the lens, making images blurry, but not disconnected. Raise and lower the view several times. People with congenital myopia better take it easy. Try it, but do not overexert.

Important: Do not use "cross-browsing" - a mistaken technique. To see how you look, it is necessary to combine any pair of balls in one and close the left eye. If you look right on the right ball, you're doing it right when looking at the left, then you are doing the exercise correctly. The right eye is to look to the right ball, the left to the left.

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