Here's what to do instead of looking for the love of life

Many great minds have not talked about how to meet the love, and that it needs to do, and how important it is to love. And those who loved or loves understands what I mean.

What must be true love, and how you can learn to love? These questions plagued mankind for many years, and so difficult, as all you can imagine. Know this difficult science of becoming one of the greatest desires in the life of each.

After several unsuccessful and painful attempts to do many disappointing conclusion that they are not willing to give the "gas", as required by their relationship. Or they think they are one of those who can not get along with only one person. People prefer to abandon their dreams, rather than expose themselves to the risk of re-experience the pain and disappointment.

Why is it so hard not only to create but also to maintain a loving relationship? And why there is such a feeling that to us around the world, there are only a few really good candidates, and those - in a parallel universe? Or all of the problems arise because of some security barriers that we have built a long time ago, but now they stop us and are just frustrated?

But the longer the relationship lasts, the more new concerns have arise. Someone said: The deeper the relationship, the easier they are to be, but if something goes wrong, then clearly there is something wrong with such dealings, or to me, or to us.

Not necessarily.

Deep relationships can get both the worst and the best that is in us - our fears and great expectations, our dedication and sense of possessiveness, our kindness and insensitivity, our generosity and our self-centeredness. In working on these emotions we are more open and trust each other, gradually removing the armor that once protected us from stress.

Much love, sincere closeness and understanding - are the hallmarks of a good, healthy relationship. And such a relationship does not happen when them chase, rather, they are built as a result of the conditions that you do the same and create. < Their most important aspect in creating a relationship - it does not look for a man of our dreams, and to become such a person.

When we develop the qualities that we want to find a man, the probability of finding such a partner extend their exponentially. And if we do will cultivate generosity, compassion, and the ability to trust and all the qualities we're looking for other , and then learn how to apply them in their lives, our relationships, no doubt, will only grow and become better and better.

There is no limit possible when two people support each other in this exciting adventure and eager to learn as much as possible. Yes, it will require a lot of effort, time and energy, but anyone who has ever found himself in this way, will tell you that the result is worth it - and much, much more. More than you can imagine.

So what are you waiting for?



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