Man saws on 3 liters of Coke a day for a month, and that's what happened to him

Meet - this peasant named George Pryor. He lives in Los Angeles, and one day he decided to start a campaign against excessive consumption of sugar, in particular Coca-Cola.

He went to the experiment, which will show us what happened to the man who would drink 10 cans (more than 3 liters) of cola a day for a whole month.

The most obvious change has been enhanced weight gain. On balance seen as 168 pounds, his weight has become 190. (76kg - 86kg). For some months, he collected as much as 10kg! And it's a given that his power has been no change. He just started to drink 10 cans of cola a day.

And of course it will be displayed on his body. From the smart, slim man, he became a man of medium build, with a noticeable belly.

Overall condition of George also deteriorated. He started to get tired quickly, the tone of his body fell. "I hope his example I can show people how harmful cola and even excessive consumption of sugar for the human body.

Here are a few examples of how much sugar (cubes) found in everyday drinks:

Orange juice:

Strawberry yogurt:



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