For a whole month I drank 3 liters of water a day, and that's what I learned

Site publishes a very interesting text Will Fulton, who decided to set up an experiment - a whole month in a row, he drank water, lots of water, not missing a single dnya.Ya stuck on the train underground in New York. I have in my hands a jug of water, which I wear all day. My bladder is experiencing the most severe stress in your life. Now difficult to help than ever.

This becomes a life, when you drink a glass after glass of water. I agreed to drink three liters of water a day for a month straight.

But this way turned out to be harder than I ever could have imagined. Believe me, you need to really try to drink three liters of water a day. But I did it, partly because the editors had paid me for it, but also partly because I wanted to learn something new.

< Allow me to share the obtained knowledge of water with you, my dear, perhaps dewatered, the reader.

Day 1. beginningAbout usually do not consume as much fluid. And I have no idea how many glasses per liter, because I missed the topic at school. I decided that the best thing would be to take a plastic canister of water and carry it with you all day.

Oddly enough, this method proved to be more difficult than I expected. And at 11:30 pm I'm fully focused on the drink, in order to reach their daily quota. Very strange feeling, when your only goal - just drink, drink sake. And do not even get drunk!

Day 5. I pee every 20 minutes like drinking water. Really I love. My body (assuming that all other people) by 60% consists of water, but no sane person does not drink a gallon of water a day.

You really should try it! I'm drinking when not thirsty. My state of health has not changed. I just feel completely satiated all the time - and I eat less

. Plus, I pee every 20 minutes. Everyone in the office think I'm a drug addict, because I always go to the toilet.

Day 10. I became more cheerful ...? Something's going on. I noticed a change, especially in the morning. Usually in the morning I need a cup of coffee as soon as possible to start your engine. But now I wake up renewed and with more energy than usual. It's nice.

I'm kind of feeling better. Although, maybe it's just a placebo effect. I still always hard to carry this gallon of water. And do not drink so much of the day easier.

People stare at me, but wearing this will help pump up the forearm gallons ... I hope

Day 15. I -. EnergiiU ball I definitely became more energy. Certainly. I hardly even drink coffee, although I drank 2-3 cups a day. I began to run faster in the evening. I began to sleep better. It sounds strange, but I was not so hot. No, really. In the past, when I slept, my temperature rose quite significantly. It passed, and I do not know why.

Something else: now I feel an incredible thirst, when I do not drink the water. I think my body has adapted to my new super-hydrogenated lifestyle. I'll never be the same.

Day 20. People say that I became schastliveeYa not know. It is possible that something in it is.

Day 25. I'm getting luchsheYa still a lot to write. And urine is always crystal clear. My friend says that my skin looks fresher and I definitely feel that I have become more energy. Strange ... but I sure feel better.

I asked my editor, my work is improved if during the period of my hyper-hydration. "Not much," - she said that I regard as a solid "Probably»

. I was, of course, easier to drink this amount of water. I adapted to the 3, 7 liters per day, and now it has become part of me. To be honest, I already have corn from the canister handle, but I feel naked without this cool plastic handle in the palm of your hand.

In addition, I feel that the people began to respect me. Okay, just kidding, it's not.

Day 30: Freedom and yasnostSegodnya last day of my call. I pee a lot and all the time I want to drink. I feel like my grandfather. But, unlike my grandfather, hell, I feel good!

< I think that drinking 3 liters of water is too much, but I understand that before drinking is not enough.

I probably would not recommend this particular challenge to anyone. Because you will hurt the stomach, and your friends and family will think you have a drug problem.

This is mine, obviously unscientific opinion, but to put a quota on the amount of water someone should drink a day - this is ridiculous. If I worked hands in the street, I would have to drink more than when I sit and write articles for online publications.

If I was 100 kg, I would have to drink a lot more water than I was not 100-pound.

< But everyone should drink more water!

It makes you feel cooler, look better, gives cheerfulness ... but on the toilet takes a lot more time. source translation Lifter



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