What's missing body, if you want sweet or fatty, or salty, and so on. N.

Then you sit, not bothering anyone ... and suddenly I wanted. Bread and salt, a slice of sausage, cheese curds ... According to statistics, 7 out of 10 people experience from time to time craving for a particular ede.Izvestny nutritionist Kovalkov writes on this score: "If we want something, then we do not have enough "! But what exactly? .. < Website has found the answer to this question. So, if you ...

Want to salt

Dehydration. Recipe for "salvation" is simple: drink more water. The lack of chlorides. Most often, these eat fish and seafood in general, go to the sea salt instead of regular table. Discover the goat's milk. foci of infection (most likely in the area of ​​genitourinary). Consult an expert. Want to sour

Your food is too fresh in the diet includes only "neutral" foods like cooked meat / fish, potatoes and milk. A little more salt! A deficiency of vitamin C and magnesium deficiency after toxicosis (in pregnant women), poisoning, weakening the immune system. Take food nuts, seeds, legumes, and everything will be fine. If the counter craving for salty can be suspected problems with the gallbladder or liver. Refer to a specialist. Want to bitter or sharp

Quit eating tons of fatty foods! Bitter or sharp body is usually "wants" to digest large amounts of "zhirnyatiny». If the above case - not your option, the problem may be in the stomach - there are difficulties with secretion and evacuation function. Li > parts of the "sharp little" also wants to intoxication. Want to fat

You have increased physical activity; You obesity and so you sit on a diet with severe restriction of fat. The lack of fat-soluble vitamins . What it is necessary to change - with time unjustified craving for fatty causes changes in the brain and form the habit of eat fat.

How to reduce the craving for fatty foods? Take eating cheese, milk and milk (kefir, sour milk) products, broccoli.

... And teperrr - highlight of the program!

Want to sweet

The lack of chromium, phosphorus, or tryptophan (the latter is particularly lacking on cloudy days). Buy at the pharmacy drugs chrome - and the problem of the millennium with a high degree of probability will be solved. are the general patterns of occurrence of our culinary fads. If you want to get in a medically accurate picture of your body needs it - go to a clinic and a good turn in the analysis of trace elements in the hair. At the same time, and check for heavy metal salts.

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