WHY meditate? 7 is an indisputable fact.

1 Meditation makes us happy:
Meditation increases the electrical activity in the prefrontal cortex. This area is connected with good and positive emotions. If you suffer from depression, try meditation to be happy!

2 The balance of emotions:
Mental usually means freedom from neurotic and irrational behavior. Regular spiritual practice will calm you and help you to experience freedom from negative emotions.

3 Reducing blood pressure:
The body reacts to the lower stress hormones, so the blood pressure returns to normal.

4 increases the activity of the intestines:
Whether bloating or other problems, meditation facilitate all your problems with digestion and helps to enjoy life.

5 Prevention of cardiovascular diseases:
Your heart feels happy when you meditate. Practice Zen or Transcendental Meditation. When you repeat the mantra over and over again, you gain freedom from stress and anxiety. Zen meditation is concerned about the inner workings of your body. Researchers claim that 50% of heart attacks can be prevented with the help of meditation.

6 Productive life:
If the concentration is reduced, you need meditation. Arrange a quiet place, close your eyes and put your hands on your hips. Now focus on your breath for the next two minutes, and do not let your mind wander.

7 Tranquility:
Meditation helps you become calm and composed. The mind of the meditator experiences the beauty of life through peace and tranquility.


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