15 Medical photos of the past that will make you shudder

We often complain about our doctors and the medical system. However, I never think about how the healing would look without the modern technology and medicine. In the past century, some of the tools of medicine frightened more than the diseases themselves! After these photos you will be grateful to have been born in our time.

1. This was entertaining a bucket with hanging ears hidden face nurse. This suit was developed in 1918 for protection against X-rays.

2. Until the nineteenth century, all operations were carried out without anesthesia. This patient was lucky in 1855, doctors have cut down with ether before amputation.

3. Orphans receive a dose of artificial sun in Chicago. During winter, the legendary 1925 is a tool widely used against rickets.

4. Physiotherapy in 1920, performed a little differently. Patients looked like the cook in the oven.

5. Drops from toothache in 1885 contained cocaine. It is no wonder that children are so funny ...

6. So here's a device in 1878 scoliosis treated.

7. Psychiatric patients, like a mummy. Nurses wrapped them in wet blanket to calm.

8. In 1890, heroin rescued cough. Extreme means.

9. No, this is not the radio, and two spoons of ice cream, and the old defibrillator forties.

10. This machine, developed in 1950, has served as a giant iron lungs. Children could be in for years. Just as they were still alive.

11. In the nineteenth century, in a creative bottle contained leeches, treating any disease.

12. This poor woman is suffering from scoliosis. This design helps doctors diagnose how badly twisted her spine.

13. This panacea 1928 wore poetic name "Eternal Sunshine". Inside radioactive water. Truly nectar and ambrosia.

14. A chair 1750, designed for delivery. The back is adjustable to lying-in women was more comfortable.

15. This prosthesis 1890 was very functionally limited. It looks, however, is very futuristic.

Think about this the next time you go to the doctor. This is a reminder of the past and really makes us appreciate the present and the future. Share these pictures with your friends, if they, too, sometimes forget about the virtues of the century!

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