7 ways to change their attitude to life

Sometimes circumstances change does not work - at least not as quickly as we would like. We can not get to work without traffic jams or crowding in the subway, can not change the bad person or erase the past.

It is necessary to change their attitude to life, instead of disappointment or resentment to try to see the good. Just pick up and begin to see the good is not easy. Personal trainer and blogger Mark Chernoff gives some tips on how to learn. We are in the Website believe that it can work.

1. To start with calm mind h3> To control the thoughts, you need to learn to be aware Let's try it: take a deep breath and try to free the mind of all conversations. So we create a space for something new and unusual. We take a break.

Do not say you can not or do not have time. Yes, every day you have to win a small battle. But breaks are needed: if we do not relax, then quietly "burn" themselves.

Rest should be regularly: to choose the time to sit quietly in silence, to watch yourself and see what thoughts swirling in my head. The most important thing - to understand where our own thoughts, and where imposed from the outside. Do not spare the time - even if you do not figure it at one time, no big deal. The main thing to start.

2. Slowly but deliberately give up bad thoughts h3> Once we have learned to understand their thoughts and emotions, time to learn to consciously switch attention from one thought to another: find a thought that hinders us, and replace it with an inspiring, useful

Desperate situations do not happen - there are people who believe that there is no escape. Do not let gloomy thoughts make grim life. Gradually replace bad ideas into good, and the reality of change over time.

Thoughts define our mood. Our minds are born wildest dreams that you can implement. That is why we need to carefully examine what is going on in our heads, and consciously focus on utility. Most of all, do it right away, too, does not work, but eventually you get used to this.

3. Drop worries at least for a moment h3> Inside each of us is another "I" who is always alone. He appears when we reject care.

Our world does not depend on external conditions. Peace can be found in any place and at any time - enough to be entirely physically and emotionally where we are right now.

And here it will be difficult at first. Do not give up: highlight moment of the day or the middle of the bustle of home, to feel that you're just there.

4. Say "thank you» h3> Maybe now we do not have factories, newspapers, steamships, but the fact that there is enough for a normal life.

Be thankful for it and what is not. Each of us, millions of opportunities, but you need to understand that no one will never own all or know everything.

We have always been and will be only part of a larger whole, and thus always remain unique. Appreciate all that you already know and what do not yet understand. Appreciate the tremendous opportunities that you have.

Life is always not quite what we want and need to understand and accept.

5. Recognize that the difficulties are also useful h3> The happiness, passion or success rarely gets just so, without a fight. If the road is easy, we could not go there. The difficulties help us grow, even if right now we all curse. Difficulties direct, correct and improve us, but it takes time, a lot of time.

Sometimes it would seem that it is not so, that we are marking time. But really it's just a part of life, sometimes on the way to the dream has to go through hell.

They say, "The night is dark before the dawn", and it's true: the hardest usually just before the miracle happens.

6. When something is done, look back and realize where you started h3> All the ends sooner or later, and it is also important to recognize.

We must learn to close the door, turn the page and move on. No matter what we come up with a metaphor - it is important to leave the past in the past and enjoy the present.

The end is not really the end but the place where it all starts over again This is the last word in one chapter and the beginning of another.

7. When everything goes wrong, ask for help to his body h3> Mind depends on the body. He responds to muscle tension, respiration rate or steps. Similarly, the body depends on the thoughts and feelings, reacts to the state of mind and even in the words that we say.

This means that one can be controlled through another. So if everything goes wrong and the focus does not work, slyly using the body.

Imagine for a moment how you look from the side, when the mood you disgusting: shoulders hunched, breathing is interrupted, you frown. Try to sit down so now. What feeling?

Now do the opposite: Sit up straight and smile, take a deep breath and exhale a few times, good stretch And now that feel?

Our body - a cunning tool with which you can change your attitude to life in just a minute (maybe a long time and will not work, but it will come). It is useful to be able to use it.

PS h3> I've said this before and I will say again: precisely in mind the majority of conflicts occur, which in reality will never And if we allow such thoughts to settle in the head, they take away the most valuable thing we have - peace, contentment, time and ultimately life. We find ourselves on the verge of a nervous breakdown, slide into depression. I know I was there.

Frankly, life is full of things that we are able to take control. For example, we can decide what to spend the time to chat with anyone with whom to share life. We can choose what, how and to whom to say that there are at lunch, to read and study. We can choose how to respond to failures.

And most importantly: we can choose how to deal with life. And this ultimately depends on everything else.

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