15+ People Have Gone Too Far In The Pursuit Of A Strong Body

A sense of proportion should be in everything, or at least common sense. This is especially true of strength sports and bodybuilding in particular. In pursuit of the large amounts some people are beginning to make full use of the achievements of the chemical industry and resulting in completely losing touch with reality. Look at those who have brought their body-building to the extreme, and do not repeat their mistakes.

Mustafa Ismail

In 2012, the 24-year-old athlete from Egypt's Moustafa Ismail has set the world record for the size of your biceps. His hand reached a volume of 79 inches. It is noteworthy that despite the appearance of his hands, Mustafa continues to assure everyone that never used any anabolic steroids, no HGH, no synthol. And your accomplishments only explains the proper protein diet and hard training.

Greg Valentino

Greg — a man with a difficult fate. He was in the military and killed people was serving a sentence for drug trafficking, he sat on the drugs, were actively involved in street brawls. One time Greg even worked as a school bus driver for disabled children. Now he is a bodybuilder, leads his column in Muscular Development magazine and is writing a book about his life. A biceps Greg 69 inches. And he also says that his hand natural.

Sally McNeil

14 February 1995, Sully fired twice at her husband with a shotgun. But, as you know, she wouldn't be in this collection, if this were the whole story. Her husband was a Jamaican bodybuilder ray McNeil, a member of the "Olympia". At trial, Sallie said that was protected, because my husband in fits of "roid rage" often beat her. However, she was not without sins. Once at the competition, she jumped from the stage and attacked one of the spectators took her for the mistress of ray. At trial, Sally said, "Maybe they used steroid drugs together. Maybe they stuck them to each other."

Marcus Ruehl

Markus rühl is the owner of some of the biggest shoulders in bodybuilding history, and one of the strongest living bodybuilders (along with Ronnie Coleman and Dexter Jackson). In 1999 Marcus was disqualified from the competition "Mr. Olympia" were found in his urine banned substances.

Aziz Aversan

This guy became an Internet phenomenon in the field of bodybuilding, exchanging virtual muscles for real. It all started with the fact that the elder brother Aziz was introduced to computer games. Becoming a regular player of World of Warcraft, he spent a lot of time in the game for a few years creating a powerful hero-warrior, known as Zyzz. However, glancing once in the mirror, Aziz realized that the pumping of the hero, he is still the same scrawny teenager. Then he sold his character for all of the money and bought a gym membership. In reality, Aziz progressed as fast as in the game, in a very short time acquired a decent musculature and army of fans. But, unfortunately, this story also ended tragically. 5 Aug 2011 while in a sauna in Thailand, Aziz died of a major heart attack. He was only 22 years old. Many insist that the cause of death was steroids.

Mike and ray Mentzer

Fellow bodybuilders, winners of many competitions, winners of titles and medals, they were quite famous in the 1970s, the same period called "the Golden age of bodybuilding". Everything was going fine until, until in 1980 to the sport after a five year hiatus has not returned Arnold Schwarzenegger. The brothers went into coaching, he founded his own method. And in June 2001, the 47-year-old ray Mentzer found your brother Mike dead at his home in Los Angeles. As it turned out, Mike was suffering from terrible joint pain, and trying to drown them, and took powerful painkillers. A lot of painkillers, which eventually forced the heart to stop, already tired after years of training and steroid injections. Just two days after Mike's death, his brother ray Mentzer was found dead in the same house. It turned out that he also shot kidney pain injections analgesic.

Arlindo de Souza

Arlindo honestly played sports, lifting weights in the gym, eat right. But not getting the desired result, decided not to bother and just inject yourself under the skin syntol. He understands and recognizes the danger of these injections. Now the amount of hands Arlindo is 74 cm, the biggest biceps in Brazil.

Rich Piana

The winner of the biceps of the volume of 56 cm. Rich Piana is one of the few professional athletes who do not deny the use of synthol and steroid abuse. According to official sources rich Piana uses the injection of polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA), more commonly known as "organic glass". In plastic surgery, PMMA is used as the implant for lips, correction of scars, butt substances, etc. Hands Piana look unnatural, have a strange shape and is covered with many tattoos.

Klaus Doring

Was one of the first who started to inject synthol. He rightly called himself the owner of the biggest hands, but now with a volume of 68.5 cm is no surprise. Yes, and the synthol already started to crack not only the biceps and triceps, and other muscles.

Klaus Kaak

"Crazy old man" as they call it on the Internet. Klaus Kaak another zealous fan of synthol.

Sasha Shpak

St. Petersburg bodybuilder Alexander Shpak was famous for being put silicone implants in the Breasts and buttocks.

Valery Loktionov

Russian athlete. Insists that never used synthol.

Rodrigo Ferraz

This young handsome man is also known by the Internet nickname "man-implant".

Peter Hazenberg

Another fan of synthol. Judging by the color of his hands, they are starting to rot from the inside.

Now Latin America has swept the real "santolina wave". He suddenly became very popular, his prick all and Sundry.

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