9 useful products for the thyroid gland.

To improve the work of the thyroid gland and protect it from hormonal disruption, regularly fed thyroid useful products, including:

1. honey, walnuts and lemon ✴

Will horoshenechko stir lazy thyroid.
Mash in a mortar 3-4 kernels, mixed with a tablespoon of honey and eat it in the morning on an empty stomach. Taken daily for 1-2 weeks.
Thoroughly wash 2-3 lemon, grate on fine grater with peel to get a glass smooth. Mix it with an equal amount of honey. Take the resulting "drug" for 1 st. l. 3 times daily between meals.

2. Laminaria ✴

It contains iodine and 40 vitamins and elements that protect against diseases of the thyroid gland.
It is necessary to include in the diet to prevent disease.

3. Persimmon ✴

Yoda in persimmon quite a lot, though not as much as in the seaweed.
But persimmon like a much larger number of people. In addition, it contains useful iodine magnesium, sodium, iron (according to their content, it surpasses even apples) and vitamins - A, C, and R.

4. Onion ✴

Useful thyroid, liver and heart. It contains a lot of trace elements that strengthen the immune system.

5. Apples ✴

Apples - a cocktail of useful properties.
For the thyroid are valuable because they protect against cancer cells.
Appleseed is best not to throw away, and use, because they contain up to 15% fatty oil, and iodine.
One of the most useful varieties of apples is considered sort of Gala, which has vitamin B17. Apples in this class must necessarily have to peel!

6. Crab meat and seafood ✴

Contains vitamin B12 and zinc, which stimulates the immune system of our body.
Please note: Canned crab meat also retains its useful properties.

7. Blueberries ✴

Blueberries - the champion on the content of antioxidants.
Helps eliminate hormonal malfunction of the thyroid gland.

8. Spinach ✴

Lutein and carotenoids, contained in large quantities in spinach helps the thyroid gland to work perfectly.

9. Red fish ✴

Please note: The experts recommend that "feed" the thyroid gland in the evening. Like, she worked all day, and for dinner requires fuel to recuperate. A good irrigation for the thyroid gland in the evening is a red fish (salmon, salmon, trout, salmon) - boiled, baked or salted piece.
Red fish - a rich source of essential fatty acids omega-3, essential for the smooth functioning of the thyroid gland.
Eat a piece of red fish as often as possible.
If the thyroid gland is still sore (such as difficulty in swallowing, the feeling of suffocation), be sure to consult a doctor (endocrinologist is responsible for this) and start already taken Endonorm. It only contains the dry extract of the roots of Potentilla white, so digestibility albinina extremely useful substance for food thyroid, is a maximum.

Eat right and come in harmony with it!

Before applying the recipes require specialist advice.


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