If you do not know what to do with your life, read this

Emotional exhaustion - not such a rare problem. But fatigue and doubt ("Is everything well I do in life?", "Where do I go from here?") Only suitable occasion to reconsider their priorities.

Website for you to publish an article that will tell you what direction to act to begin to enjoy life.

I remember when I was in university, I thought that I needed to choose a job, doing that, I'll be happy the next 50 years of my life, or even more. What a hard task!

But the reality is that we can not know for sure what will bring you the joy of life. You can not even know what will make you happy in 5 years. But you know what gives you pleasure in the moment. And if your current situation is depressing, you need to move on. Life consists in the fact, to try different and realize what you do not want or want to become in the future.

Remember a few simple truths:

1. No one can plan their future.

Remember, you do not know what awaits you. Life is full of surprises and unexpected twists. But if you do what you like, it does not matter, it is for you to work or passion - this will make your journey through life more fun.

2. discomfort can be tolerated.

Sometimes in our lives that is not satisfied. For example, it may not have enough money for everything, so I want to try. If you really want something, you have to endure some inconvenience in the way of achieving the goal. For example, I want to own a dog sled, to participate in races in Alaska. To do this I had to give up his comfortable clean house in the city and move to Alaska. We are often faced with a lack of water and interruptions in electricity and our hizhinka much less of the former house. But we do not concentrate on diskoforte, because we live in a beautiful place and I'm on the road performance of your dreams.

3. Life is changeable, it is better to learn to change with it. H3> anyway. Once it seemed to me that I have everything you can dream: great job, a great house in the woods. But I was fired, I lost my house, I turned 40, and it all happened in one nelelyu. Then it was discovered that I was pregnant. She stood out another week. I spent a couple of days depressed, lying on the couch, but then I had a plan, and I went to Alaska. Circumstances can and should be used to your benefit. Each trouble - an opportunity for something more.

4. To delay action - not the best strategy. H3> We do not look younger. Unfortunately, this is true. If you start to use time efficiently and to fulfill their dreams, the end of life, you risk being left with nothing. If you really want to achieve something - it is better to act. The first steps are the most difficult, but it is better to break away from the Internet and get to work. You will not move a millimeter, just wondering what heights you could achieve.

5. Questions help you understand yourself. H3> Give yourself some time - a good idea. You can ask yourself the really important questions. And minor. Understand yourself. Meditate. Create a list of what you're interested in and what you could do if you had enough time and money. Dreaming globally is difficult, but important. Calm your mind with its eternal "but" and pofantaziruet on this subject.

6. No need to rush into the pool with his head. H3> If you have a job or a hobby in which you are interested, try to do this on a gratuitous basis, to understand, whether it's what you want to do. Even the biggest and wildest dreams will not help you if you neglect real actions and experiences. Sometimes it seems that we really want something to do, but trying times, we realize that it may not be quite what it seemed. It is important to try before you radically change life in favor of dubious prospects.

7. It is important to make savings. H3> If you need to move or go on courses to fulfill your dream, it would be appropriate to begin to earn money. I worked for many years to my editorial portfolio was impressive enough to work at home. And now I have the ability to edit an article from my tiny hut, get paid for it and pay them the necessary equipment and food for the dogs. I'd like to race a dog and bring me income? Of course. But so far I have only created and coaching my team, so it's impossible. I have no experience in racing sled dog, but has a reputation of the writer. So I'm doing a favorite work to pay for another.

8. "Yes!" To new opportunities. H3> The chance to make a difference may lie right under your nose, but you can it just did not notice and therefore missed. Do not miss the opportunity. Sometimes they appear at the wrong time, but you can not influence it. However, in your power to open the door - or the possibility can go and knock on someone else.

When you're trying to figure out what to do with your life, remember the main thing: the lack of action is not an action in itself. To make decisions and to try - this is the most important, even if in some cases you'll be unhappy svomi solutions. At the end of your life you will not regret that risk and faced setbacks. But just do not be glad that did not try at all.

Turn off the laptop and start living.

Author: Michelle Kennedy Hogan
Translation and adaptation of the Website
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