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Interesting facts about the life around us
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Do you know that, Тауматауакатангиангакоауауотаматеатурипука-капикимаунгахоронукупокануэнуакитанатаху (Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturi-pukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu) - such an unusual name has a low mountain in the North Island. By the way, this is one of the longest place names in the world.

Did you know that in our body contains more calcium than other elements, about 2% of body weight.

Did you know that in the English language there are no words that rhyme with the word «month» (month), «orange» (orange), «silver» (silver) and «purple» (purple). Did you know that the white patches on the tongue, which you can see in the morning - the dead of night cells.

Did you know that in some mountainous areas, such as California's Sierra Nevada mountain range, in the summer you can see the watermelon snow. It is pink in color and has a smell and taste of watermelon. This phenomenon is due to the presence of snow algae Chlamydomonas nivalis, containing red pigment astaxanthin. These algae are also food for certain organisms, including ice worms. They can only live in glaciers at low temperatures, but when heated to at least 5 ° C and fall and die.

Did you know that in the history of medicine, there are cases when people are operated on themselves? April 29, 1961, at the Soviet Antarctic station "Novolazarevskaya" Dr. Leonid Rogozova began an attack of appendicitis. According to the weather conditions it was impossible to take a polar station, and threatened to delay death. The next day, the doctor decided to operate themselves. Fellow explorers, did not have nothing to do with medicine, fed brave surgeon tool. The operation lasted 1 hour and 45 minut.Cherez week when the state normalizovalo Leonid own stitches removed

Did you know that the Most long series in the world lasted 15 762 series, if you start to watch them without interruption, that it will take 164 days 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Did you know that the Titanic was unsinkable theory, so the owners decided to save the boats and to extend the useful space. The ship was equipped with only 20 lifeboats with a total capacity of 1,178 people, that is half the passengers. Did you know that Welchia remains one of the most unusual in the history of worms, because it was designed to help, not harm. An interesting fact that it was developed for the detection of viral programs Blaster, but behaved not as planned - infected with the virus has killed all of the computers and destroy itself.

Did you know that the 1980 CIA announced a competition for the design of sculpture to decorate the courtyard of the new building of its headquarters - apartments in Langley. According to the contest the sculpture had to meet the owners and keep any secrets. Winning the competition sculptor Jim Sanborn. The main part of his sculptures was huge - four-meter sheet of copper, covered in mysterious encrypted text. Himself ciphertext consists of the letters of the alphabet and a few question marks. The inscription in a book consists of four sections. The total number of characters - 865. The monument named Kryptos - and he became one of the most famous in the world, is still unsolved cryptograms. The cryptogram concealed four different snippets of text that are encrypted with different codes. These fragments received among encoders names - K1, K2, K3 and K4.

Did you know that in your mouth as much bacteria, how many people inhabit the planet Earth.

Did you know that Islamic law does not allow a man to be like a woman, so the decorations in the Eastern countries are considered a real sin, although they are allowed to walk the weaker sex. Men need to prove their worth and condition with the help of actions, words and the beauty of his wife. It is believed that all the money and power, he should give his beloved woman and the children. However, if a Muslim wants to wear precious metals, he can do it. That's just it is not gold, but, for example, silver.

Did you know that one of the Turkish sultans had a habit of playing chess, thoughtfully rubbing his bare feet on the cushion of the couch. In vain he did: he was poisoned, soaked Divan cushion poison.

Did you know that the American mathematician George Dantzig, as a graduate student of the University, once late for a lesson and accepted written on a blackboard equation for homework. It seemed to him harder than usual, but after a few days he was able to carry it out. It turned out that he decided two "unsolvable" problems in the statistics on which fought many scientists.

Did you know that Planck's constant - this 0.000000000000000000000000000000000016 m. It is the smallest distance in the world and is used for scientific calculations. For the first time this unit is mentioned in the Max Planck devoted to thermal radiation, and therefore is named in his honor. This is one of the units, which can be determined only five universal constants (physicists often call them "units of God"). It is assumed that at this level is dominated by quantum phenomena and gravity, space and time cease to exist.

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