Rule 1. More often comb the hair

Bend your fingers and use them as a comb. Comb the hair from the forehead to the nape. Follow about 100 of these movements. Movements should be slow and soft. This exercise stimulates and massages and massaging the energy points of the head, relieves pain, improves vision, reduces blood davlenie.Rezultat would be better if you do exercise in the morning.

Rule 2. Most rubbing face

Heat the palm of your hand, so that they become warm, bring them to litsu- so that the middle fingers touch the sidewalls of the nose. Gently rub the skin, moving up to the forehead, and then in hand, going to the cheeks.
Do 30 of these movements, preferably in the morning Exercise refreshes his head and lowers blood pressure. It helps against wrinkles.

Rule 3.Chasche exercise eyes.

Slowly turn the eyeballs from left to right (14 times), and then from right to left (14 times). Close your eyes and open them sharply.

Rule 4. Most rattling ears

Close the ears with his hands 12 times and knock the three middle fingers of each hand on the head. Then, pressing the middle finger, flip them over the head with a characteristic sound. Make as 12 times. Do it in the morning or when you feel tired. Exercise helps with tinnitus, dizziness and ear infections. Improves hearing and memory.

Rule 5.Chasche exhale stagnant air

Hold your breath and inflate the chest and abdomen. When you feel that the chest and stomach filled with air to the limit, then lift his head and opened his mouth slowly exhale stale air. Repeat 5-7 times.

Rule 6.Chasche massage the abdomen.

Rub palm to become warm, place it on the navel (male left arm over the right and women right over the left). Rub belly expands in a circular motion clockwise (36 laps), then in the opposite direction, gradually reducing the range (also 36 laps). This exercise improves peristalsis, helps breathing and prevents the stagnation of food in the gastrointestinal tract, improves digestion, prevents and cures gastrointestinal disorders.

Rule 7. More often rub the skin

Preheat the palm rubbing, stroking, and rub the skin on the body in the following sequence: from the point Bai Hui at the top of the head, then the face, shoulders, hands (first left, then right), chest, abdomen, chest on both sides. Then move on to the sides of the waist, and finally on foot (first left. Then the right).


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