When a child asks iPhone as all classmates

many modern parents know the situation, when all the children in the class have a tablet to the Internet, and your child asks tearfully same. And no explanation about what gadgets interfere with learning, nor even about the financial problems the child usually does not want to hear.

Website offers read arguments famous psychologist Yuliii Gippenreiter Children and modern technologies.

Even an adult sometimes stirs regret that his phone does not last, and it has less features. And it's a shame. I think parents need to connect the subject to more general conversations with their children. Phones and tablets - is part of a more general issue that they care about: How do I look in front of others? What does it mean "to compare myself with someone" and "jealous of someone?" How to respond to what someone boast: my dad such a machine, I have a gadget.

Such things need to say in advance. That child bursts into tears, and you tell him: "Come on, this is not important. The main value - is your knowledge, your spiritual development. " So it's too late! This is about how a girl of 15-17 years old say that the one with whom she fell in love, it is not appropriate that he sneak. Late.

We must tell the child: « You do not strengthen the gadget, do not get out of it interesting. This shell. And you are alive, real, let your "shell" worse, but let's compare live! Let's talk about this boy, who has a new gadget, why he had a feeling that he is now stronger, and you are weak? Are you sure about this? Let's compare your actions, perhaps it really something more, but not because he has a gadget. But if it is only for them and brags that he is such a backup, stilts ».

If I were a teacher, the class teacher in the eighth and ninth grade, I would have said, 'Guys, every one of you have a phone - someone modern, someone quite cans, soap dish. Let's have an experiment. " And asked to write:

Someone in the class is the strongest? Who is the most respected? Who is the most good? Who is the smartest? < Who is the patient? To most of you would believe? Who is the most stable? Who independence of all thinking? ul > Only positive properties, do not negative. And contrary to each item write three to five names. And then ask someone phones is better and who is worse. And to compare.

Here is a list of class, but on the contrary - a kind, intelligent, strong. Some will not fall, and I would say: "It's not because you do not possess these properties, but because you do not show their best qualities, such as kindness, guys that have not yet seen" - this it is necessary to say.

It is necessary to consult a psychologist, to consider such an experiment, perhaps after some guys that will be cured by the longing for iPhone.

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