Intense burning calories during exercise can do wonders for your body, but it does not give you the right to go to the nearest McDonalds, at the end of the workout. If you are serious about build muscle or lose fat, you need to take seriously to the issue of food intake after exercise.

After a grueling workout, the body sends a signal to the brain about the need for food, there is hunger. In an effort to quickly meet this need, many choose exactly the wrong foods. Apart from the fact that the consumption of these products has a negative impact on health, it is also negate all the fitness training progress, serious efforts will be in vain.

To get the maximum benefit from the training, it is important to saturate yourself with calories and nutrients with the right combination of proteins and carbohydrates, is detailed here. On the other hand, it is also important to limit calories that come from the junk food full fat and sugar.

Try not to eat these types of foods, and you will have a good chance at accelerating your fitness goals.

Raw vegetables

It may seem surprising, but raw vegetables are not suitable as food after training. In itself it is an excellent product with a low fat content, but they have very few calories and it is not enough to recuperate and maintain a healthy metabolic rate. Plus, these products do not have sufficient protein and protein just after exercise is indispensable and necessary.

Foods high in fat, Fast Food

French fries, hamburgers, pizza and hot dogs, and of course can excite and satisfy your appetite after a tough workout, but they destroy all the progress you have achieved during your workout. Fat slows digestion, which is the complete opposite of what you need after a workout.

Salty snacks

Salty snacks, such as chips and crackers can reduce the level of potassium, which is essential to the recovery phase. For the body and cellular functions, potassium is more important minerals than sodium. Your body loses electrolytes during exercise, it is recommended not to continue this process by consuming salty foods. In this case it is better to eat a banana, it is rich in potassium.

Sweet water and fruit drinks

Yes, you want to drink, but in any case not replenish fluid loss sweetened drinks, even if it is a sports drink or juice. Sweet drinks after intense exercise is prohibited for anyone who wants to lose weight because of its ability to slow down the metabolism. As for sports drinks, then eat them only when you sweat profusely, in order to restore the lost balance of electrolytes. But in order to quench the thirst of drinking plain water.

Milk chocolate, donuts and pastries

From high in sugar and calories, milk chocolate and other sweets do not offer you almost nothing of what you need after a workout. The negative impact on your athletic performance is much more than a short burst of energy caused by the chocolate bar or cake. Dark chocolate is the same (at least 70% cocoa), has useful antioxidants that fight free radicals and act as anti-inflammatory drugs, which can help you recover after a workout. Only consume it in moderation.


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