Tips for those who want to lose weight and look for 100%:


1. If you mark the scales stuck on a certain number, and you will not lose weight, then elevate the intensity of their workouts. Try to exercise 85% of your maximum heart rate acceptable to obtain the desired result.

2. Exercise - it's more than tone your muscles. They increase self-confidence, improve mood and speed up your metabolism. So why do you still have not engaged in fitness?

3. bored with the monotony in the training? So it's time to change them. And if you want to lose weight, and further, they should change to more intensive.

4. Your form and fitness equipment should be on top! This rule will not only help you to quickly achieve the desired result, but also to prevent you from injury. Take your time and money to buy classroom form. It also will raise your spirits.
Comment: yes, indeed, the form - one of the "engines" of progress in training. Do not spare money for dumbbells of different weights, gloves (because they are easier to do push-ups!)

5. Do not exercise on an empty stomach! Snack, it will give you extra strength, and also the body will burn excess fat and not muscle!

6. Do not exaggerate its capabilities! Before the start of training is best to consult with your doctor!
Train according to their level: beginner, intermediate, pro. Your activity should be at 70% of maximum heart rate. A couple of weeks you'll become stronger and be able to move to a new level for quick results.

7. All of us wish to get a quick result from training. We come to the aid of circular training - power + cardio, without stopping to rest, as well as combined high-intensity exercise. For example, push-ups, followed by a jump.
Such training burns more calories than regular aerobic, and increase the strength of our muscles.

8. In order to increase your stamina, try interval cardio workout. They help to quickly lose fat while maintaining muscle mass.

9. In order to make flat stomach with visible abdominal muscles, is not required to download press of 30 minutes every day! The best way for this - the burning of excess fat throughout the body + observance of proper nutrition!

10. When you are doing cardio at the gym, do not stick to the rail! This will reduce the calorie consumption by 24%. The exception is elliptical and rowing machine, which has a dynamic handrails for greater consumption of calories!

11. "Yes, some people are genetically prone to obesity, but it is not a death sentence! I was in such concern, but I find the strength to manage their weight. Bad habits are often a symptom of deeper emotional problems. ยป

12. "I do not believe in laziness. I think that obesity - it's a symptom of something more serious. If you have 2-5 extra kilos in excess of normal weight, then we can talk about laziness. But if you have more extra 10 kg, then you need to look for other causes. "


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