They wanted to make a couple of romantic images of autumn, but then appeared in the frame of their cheerful dachshund ...

Megan and Chris decided to make a pre-wedding photo shoot beautiful with her dog Louis. They hired professionals prepared, but do not take into account one thing: Louie, as it turned out, had a look at how to make their photographs truly memorable ...

These pictures are very amused editors Website !

"Louis sported as he could spare no effort. He jumped right in front of the camera, each time trying to obscure the groom in the photo, "- says the author of the survey.

The fact is that Louis is jealous of his mistress Megan to her fiance Chris.

This jealousy pushes Louis each time out to be with the masters in all the important moments of their lives.

"When I press my Chris Louis is trying to do the same, - says Megan. - When I scratch my back Chris - Louis also wants. And when we tried to rehearse their first dance, Louis sat and barked until then, until I picked him up ยป.

Recently, a couple of these photos posted on Facebook page - and they have already conquered thousands of users.

"We were looking for a photo or painting for a new home. We thought that there will be a photo from the wedding, but it looks like it will be a photo Louis "- says Megan.

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