Now on the way home I collected autumn leaves and acorns. Seeing the result, you will do the same!

Autumn is my favorite season. Autumn romantic, beautiful, full of colors, full of comfort and warmth. And even in autumn you can make many different craft projects, given that the leaves of the trees turn a beautiful color, and buds and acorns and fall under the feet when you walk around in the city alleys.

Autumn crafts from natural materials is a great way to spend a few hours with your child in the fresh air, collecting yellow leaves, chestnuts, nuts and cones.

And this is a very creative pastime, which will help your baby to create beautiful work for the school autumn exhibition or crafts for kindergarten.

DIY autumn materialovedeniya "Site" have prepared for you 25 ideas of crafts from natural materialsthat you ought to implement with the children.

  1. A simple and interesting option to create butterflies from autumn leaves, which will realize the power of even the smallest. Before work the leaves shall be dried for 24 hours under the pressure to make them flat. When the material for fall crafts, you're ready to get to work.

  2. Creative way to create a snail of autumn leaves. Such a composition looks very good on dark cardboard.

  3. To implement this idea you need a shaped hole punch. Quite original, isn't it?

  4. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about autumn and the design of the house, —
    candles. They always create a special atmosphere, whether it be a small light or fragrant flame. Here is a simple and beautiful option for a fall candle holder using a conventional glass jar, leaves and decorative ribbon.

  5. To do this hack is not difficult. During a joint walk with the child enjoy a collection of chestnut trees, and the houses start to come up with different faces for them. I'm sure your baby will be delighted with this pastime!

  6. How about this cute hedgehog? Looking at it, it is simply impossible not to smile!

  7. Here is a simple and interesting ways to create appliques from autumn leaves. All you will need is paper, glue and different in form, structure and color of autumn leaves. And, of course, your boundless imagination!

  8. But this idea I will definitely take on Board. Really want to afford such an extraordinary bunch!

  9. This picture is simply mesmerizing sight. And interestingly enough, painted it with autumn leaves. Liberally brush paint one side of any leaf, and then nail him to a clean sheet. With the help of such fingerprints it is possible to create real masterpieces. To do this, let your imagination run wild and start creating.

  10. To create an interesting application draw a silhouette of a tree and grind the leaves with scissors. After the paint dries, brush the paper with glue around the silhouette and precipi smeared with glue place the chopped leaves.

  11. A little glue and clay and simple acorns turn into a miniature set or a fabulous men!

  12. Cones, some felt, clay, dry maple leaves and an hour of free time, that's all you need to create with your child a fairy-tale world!

  13. But to create such an application will take more time than a simple butterfly, and have to work hard. Need to pick up the leaves to one color smoothly into another. And also draw or print a shadow of the woman. But the result clearly justifies the effort.

The editorial Board Also suggest you to see the original idea of creating a bright sweets bowls of natural materials. Such a useful thing in the economy will be an exquisite decoration for any table! Should involve the joint production of children, they'll love this exciting process.

I wish you a great autumn mood and creative ideas! If you liked this article, don't forget to share it with their friends who have children.

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