15 ideas to create your dream kitchen

Kitchen - is the heart of the house. And every woman wants to look great this room was comfortable and functional at 100%.

We are in the Website we gathered for you interesting solutions, how to turn the kitchen into the most visited place in the house.

Ideas for Kitchen Design h3>

1. Use open shelves for storage. H3>

Lockers with lockable doors conceal tight space. Open shelves, on the contrary, added to the interior airiness.

2. We make interior design in bright colors. H3>

Light furniture and walls visually expand the space.

3. Add the light. H3>

The more light, the better. But if you can not maximize the window, add a little more light bulbs. Be sure to well illuminate the workspace.

4. Deceives perception. H3>

With vertical and horizontal lines, you can adjust the space. Vertical lines visually stretched the kitchen; horizontal - add depth to visually expand the narrow space.

5. With use space wisely. H3>

Every meter in a small room on the account, so do not neglect them. Use the space for shelves for storage.

6. Adding to the interior removable table top. H3>

It is best to use a removable tabletop, for example, a cutting board. You can also use the built-in stand for kitchen utensils, knives, spices and bread to make room on the desktop.

7. More air. H3>

Cabinets with glass doors operate on the same principle as open shelves, but also prevent the accumulation of dust. If the door glass is inserted, you can easily find the desired object, and therefore, do not spend time searching.

8. The art of distraction. H3>

Walls with attracting worldwide attention element - a trick that will not only transform the kitchen, but also visually expand the space, giving it depth and openness.

give the kitchen individuality h3>

1. Striped pattern. H3>

It would seem that may be easier to strip, but if you use a pattern with the mind and in the appropriate places, kitchen sparkle with new colors.

2. Tall unit with multiple shelves. H3>

This wardrobe is not only comfortable and roomy - it takes up little space and fits in almost any interior.

3. Using an unexpected decor. H3>

For example, why not turn the stove in the fireplace?

4. New life of old things. H3>

Who said that everything has to be a designer? Place the beauty of the kitchen with his own hands. For example, from the old dishes and other dining utensils can make the original lamp.

5. Unusual hanger. H3>

From old skalok can get great and strong peg, which will be only you.

6. Adorn the walls. H3>

Of the old trays turns spectacular mural.

7. Adding to the interior of these colors. H3>

With live plants any room will look fresh. The main thing - to choose undemanding plant varieties. Ideal in the kitchen will look thick sprouts herbs, such as parsley or dill.

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