Why do I have to be selfish

people who think only of themselves, called selfish - and usually it is not a compliment. However, many do not consider such a thing as "rational egoism". It is the ability to live their own interests with the interests of others.

Website offers read explanations psychologist Natalya Moskalyova why well be reasonable selfish.

Because so selfish able to understand and fulfill their desires. With regular and practices. And that means he's a happy man. And the one who is happy within himself, spreads around the joy, not sadness and gloom. A reasonable egoist can understand and fulfill not only their desires and wishes of others. And do not expect anything in return. With such a nice person to deal! Egoist able to say "no" when the situation is uncomfortable way. Incidentally, it is for respect. It is better to be honest and straight to give than to accept and forget or provide poor quality care. If a person knows how to say "no", he knows how to take rejection. Health, with the understanding no claim and grievances. That is, the other party is allowed to have its egoist desire to weigh and decide. It is very nice. By the way, the hero of this description sometimes puts their desires above the desires of others. And this, in turn, means that it is for yourself, not for someone else. It is time to fulfill all their deeds and intentions in this life. He knows what he lived and what he did. The internal knowledge of "knowingly" is able to inspire any great things. In contrast to the eternal "nothing" someone who tries to please everyone. Common member of the public does not feel excruciating pain from the eternal choice: himself or someone else. Just know when ready to sacrifice their own interests, and when - is not. Egoist - a person who loves himself. He lives in harmony with himself. But that is not all. He who loves himself, knows how to love other people. And that means surrounding at least a reasonable egoist surrounded by his good attitude. At most - love.
Author: Natalia Moskalev

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