10 films that change the attitude towards Indian cinema

For many Indian cinema - a synonym for a musical. The colorful spectacle of unpretentious, where the hero finds an enemy brother, accidentally saw his body on the birthmark, just like my mother ... And then everyone starts to sing and dance, and even passers-by. However, few people think that Indian cinema is also a deep and exciting.

< Website I have collected the most amazing films that will destroy all the stereotypes about Indian cinema.

Like Stars on Earth h3> Taare Zameen Par

A bit sad, but at the same time touching and profound film, which reveals the inner world of an eight-year Ishan Avast. Boy sick dyslexia and parents decide to send him to boarding school. Coping with loneliness and depression helps him art teacher Ram Nikumb who saw the child artist's talent and helped him believe in himself again.

lunchbox h3> Dabba

Simple and clear story about love and solitude, where two people found each other very unusual way. Absolutely unusual Indian film that shows the daily life and flavor of this wonderful country.

Three Idiots h3> 3 Idiots

Two friends Farhan Raja and for many years trying to find their missing friend Ranch. Finding a small hook, friends go on a trip, during which they will remember a lot of funny stories from the past and learn the secret of the mysterious disappearances Ranch.

2 State h3> 2 States

Krish and Ananya love each other, despite the fact that they are the representatives of different cultures. And of course their parents do not approve of the marriage. N Let plot is simple, but good music and nice actors make this film easily and beautifully.

Mumbai Diaries h3> Dhobi Ghat

Another poetic and insightful film from the director's Kiran Rao. The story is about four people whose lives are intertwined in various ways against the background of the life of Mumbai - the largest metropolis of India. This picture makes the experience a lot of heroes heart wrenching moments and shows that we are not that different.

My Name Is Khan h3> My Name Is Khan

Rizvan Khan, a Muslim from India, moved to San Francisco. Rizvan, who suffers from Asperger syndrome, falls in love with Mandira, and despite all the protests they marry. During the tragic circumstances of their marriage breaks, and to return the favorite Khan soverschaet touching and inspiring journey across America. Because love knows no boundaries.

Prayer h3> Guzaarish

Indian films, many associated with a charming Aishwarya Rai, which here plays the role of a nurse Sofia, in love with his ward Ethan. The film touched upon the theme of betrayal, love and incurable disease. It's not an easy call, but you should still check. Acting and plot will not leave indifferent.

Delhi-6 h3> Delhi-6

For Roshan India - alien and unfamiliar country, which he still is to fall in love. In addition, he met with Beatty, a neighbor girl who also wants to find himself. The film shows a volatile mix of cultures and religions of modern Delhi.

Excellent h3> Shaandaar

The protagonist of the film earns Dzhigander that helps people in the organization of weddings. And on one of these events, he met with the bride's sister, Alia. Spending a lot of time with the characters gradually fall in love. It's very colorful and easy film filled with comedic moments.

Jodhaa Akbar h3> Jodhaa Akbar

Poignant love story of one of the most famous emperors of India and the beautiful princess - an epic saga times the XVI century. A very colorful film, magnificent scenery and costumes. For lovers of historical movies.

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