5 artists in love with rain

Autumn - the rains and melancholic mood. When there is only one desire - to be wrapped in a warm blanket and sipping a fragrant tea, watch your favorite movies. The wet weather did not want to leave the house - everything except artists. After all, they find inspiration where the ordinary man does not see it.

We are in the Website offer to see with their eyes on the autumn weather and feel the romance of the time of year.

Watercolor Rainy Lin Ching Che h3>

Talented artists Lin Ching Che (Lin Ching-Che) 28 years old and he is already world-renowned master of watercolor. His inspiring autumn rain. Overcast city streets cause Ching Che melancholy and despondency, and the desire to pick up a brush and draw colorful reflections on the wet pavement and the shop windows.

romantic mood Jeff Rowland h3>

Autumn Jeff Rowland - it's not just the time of year, this is the most romantic time to. No wonder the heroes of his works - a loving couple who enjoy each other's company. They are warm even in the coldest autumn day.

The magic of autumn castanets Alvaro h3>

Castanets Alvaro (Alvaro Castagnet) - one of the most respected in the world of watercolor artists. His paintings adorn the walls of many private and corporate collections around the world. They are imbued with the magical mood, the mystery, which attract and entice the viewer.

«Red umbrella for two," Daniel Del orphan h3>

Daniel Del Orff paints pictures in the genre of realism. One of the main attributes of his work is a bright red umbrella. This detail attracts attention and makes peer into the tiniest details. Characters of Daniel - happy couples or people who simply enjoy the beauty of life.

Hyperrealism Francis McCrory h3>

Take a look at the work of Francis McCrory and impossible to remain indifferent. His hyper-realistic works like photographs from behind the glass of the car. There's something comforting - to see how the rain poured down outside the window and drops crawl around the glass, forming intricate patterns.

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