5 cool exercise in which you simply freeze

feel the magic lightness in the body, and a burst of energy to pull a figure with these exercises easy. The main thing here is not necessary to move: all done in statics.

Just Freeze in each position 5-30 seconds. And occupies at least 4-5 times a week.

1. Wing butterfly h3>

Bent right foot rest against the wall, his left leg bent at the knee right place. Loins tear off the floor, put his hands on his stomach. Repeat the same with the right foot.

2. Windmill h3>

Place palms on the abdomen, buttocks resting on the wall. Lift the right leg horizontally, left lower as low as possible. Repeat the same for the second leg.

3. Welcome h3>

Straight leg place along the wall, toes drag upwards. Leaving the floor can only blade. Stretch the right arm straight to the feet up, put your left on the stomach. Repeat the same with left hand.

4. Scissors h3>

Raise both legs up, bend their knees. Right to rest against the wall, and drag the left back, lower back holding hands. Repeat the same with the right foot.

5. Bridge h3>

Lie down on the mat, palms push to the floor so that your fingertips touch the wall. Stops place on the surface of the wall as high as possible, rest them in the face, tighten your thighs and lift your lower back.

To achieve maximum results, it is desirable to perform 10 repetitions of each exercise. Visible results appear within 2-3 weeks.

Train, eat well, and you will succeed!

According to the materials: Ellen Barrett

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