13 marketing tricks that were truly brilliant

Website has collected a few examples of how to use a small advertising tricks can make a cult product and brand - the most recognized. And it's really brilliant.

The TV channel HBO h3>

Marketing Campaign HBO before leaving third season of "Game of Thrones" has been seriously thought out, consistent and ambitious. The main theme of the new season was a big shadow dragon that repeatedly came across people in the eye. First, on the covers of magazines, then in the newspapers, even projected onto the building, creating a sense of reality. So, do not think of the dragon, and not wait for the new season was simply impossible.

The energy drink Red Bull h3>

When the drink is taken out for a wider market (Europe, USA) and its main competitors were Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Molson, Labatt, Anheuser-Busch. The concept was similar at all: they are energizing and stimulating and Energy Jolt Cola contained also doubled, compared to Red Bull, caffeine.

Then Dietrich Mateschitz has gone on a risky step: to artificially inflate the price of 2 times compared to the competition, reduced the amount of packaging, reminiscent of the battery, and began to place banks in departments stores do not drink, as in any other.

Taxi Mike h3>

A striking example of an incredibly simple and effective marketing is the promotion of Canadian Taxi Mike. Rather than produce a brochure about yourself, Mike publishes these guides cafes, bars and other establishments of the city. That is all the entertainment places, where Mike will get.

Cigarettes Marlboro h3>

Bundles of cardboard flip-top lid, which are currently the standard package of cigarettes were invented precisely in Marlboro. And not for the purpose of demonstration, or innovation of design ideas. A strictly for promotional purposes - to make Marlboro smokers walking communication channel.

It was all that incite consumers to pull out of the soft cigarette packs without taking them out of his pocket, which means that others do not see the brand. Invalid disgrace!

Flip tops - so called current cigarette packs - had to get, and the new always attracts attention.

Cigarettes Dunhill h3>

Over the years, of course, people have learned to pull out cigarettes and flip-tops, without taking the pack from his pocket. And the time to come up with a new complex Marlboro package - but they do not have time. Dunhill, brand British American Tobacco, has ever made, and even giving their cigarettes more "a premium" appearance. In order to get a dose of nicotine from the pack Dunhill, not only need to open the lid, and the valve. In the pocket of this just will not do.

Moreover, for greater "luxury" in the Dunhill called this internal valve beautiful word humidor em>. Historically humidor - a storage box of cigars, which maintains optimum moisture levels, and the flavor is not volatilized.

Mezcal h3>

Mezcal - a traditional alcoholic beverage producing, like tequila, agave in Mexico. Technically, tequila is mezcal, too, but the other varieties and, objectively speaking, much better taste.

Mezcal has become popular outside of Mexico only through caterpillar corpse floating on the bottom of the bottle. The taste of mescal poor larva does not affect absolutely nothing - it is a well thought out publicity stunt. Exotic well!

The manufacturer of furniture and home furnishings IKEA h3>

When the US opened the first stores IKEA, have already received recognition in Europe, sales of furniture does not justify any expectations. After a study found that while Americans and like the simplicity of the design, they wanted to match the furniture to larger size of their homes. All that needed to be done - to increase the size of the furniture.

Vodka Absolut h3>

The history of the brand began in 1879 when Lars Olsson Smith created a new variety of vodka - Absolute Rent Bravin. Its main difference was the purity is achieved by distillation.

In the 70s of the last century Lars Lindmark Absolute Rent Bravin took under his wing. Such a wonderful vodka was promoted to the market accordingly: everything had to be "absolute", as the product itself. Gunnar Broman, who was then the development of the concept of promotion and saw in the window of the pharmacy traditional Swedish medical bottle with some medicine and was shocked by its perfection and simplicity - and it became the prototype for the packaging, which is now the whole world knows. It is this simplicity in many ways was the reason for the cult status of vodka Absolut.

Cookware Tefal h3>

Tefal company for a long time believed that the primary motivation for buying a frying pan with Teflon coating is that the preparation of these pans not require spending a single gram of oil. However, later it turned out that the main incentive for their purchase was the fact that with such a coating pan is very easy to clean, because the food does not stick to the surface. The content of the campaign changed, which greatly increased its efficiency.

Whiskey Dewar's h3>

At the end of the XIX century in London were very popular brandy, rum and gin. Therefore, to promote the whiskey was not easy. Tricky Thomas Dewar, one of the founders of the family brand, chose an unexpected strategy. He hired straw buyers who visited various pubs, requiring them to pour whiskey Dewar's. Naturally, it will not be available, and they left. After several parishes Dewar himself he appeared at the bar and offered to sign a contract on the supply of whiskey.

In 1892, Thomas Dewar went on a world tour. For two years he visited 26 countries, and the company began to work 32 agent, and has several export companies Dewar's. The turnover of the company during this period increased by 10 times.

Chocolate bar Snickers h3>

In Russia the first Snickers chocolate bars appeared in 1992 as a snack, which replaces a complete meal. Former Soviet consumers for a long time to get used to the fact that instead of soup for lunch, you can eat chocolate, Snickers and bought as a "sweet tea". After the service of the brand took over the creative agency BBDO Moscow, Snickers has identified as a treat for teenagers who for the most part like and do not like sweet soup.

Carbonated drink Pepsi h3>

The main marketing tricks Pepsi considered progress during the Great Depression in the United States, when the drink was sold in bottles of 340 ml, while Coca-Cola - in bottles of 170. The price thus remained the same - 5 cents per bottle. This was accompanied by dumping advertising corrosive a song with the text: "Pepsi-Cola hits the target: 12 full ounces - that's a lot! Twice as many of the same coin! Pepsi-Cola - the drink is for you ».

From 1936 to 1938 Pepsi has doubled its sales. A slogan enter the brain of US consumers 20 years. Part of the same policy of "more for the same price» Pepsi sticks and now, 75 years later. For example, in Russia Coca-Cola sold in bottles of 0, 5 liters and Pepsi - on 0, 6.

Coffee Starbucks h3>

Not so long ago in the United States appeared competing with Starbucks chain of coffee houses Seattle's best. She began to position itself as a "non-Starbucks», doing the opposite: not the coffee, no such furniture is not that kind of music, not such an atmosphere, not a service. Coffee attracting to itself those customers to whom Starbucks something disliked.

And Starbucks network made impossibly simple thing: she just bought prevent her rival. And it is quite expected move. But after buying Starbucks coffee shop did not close. Rather, it has become harder to do it all not in Starbucks, intensifying competition between the two brands more.

As a result, people who like Starbucks, went to Starbucks and carried money in his cash register. And those who do not like Starbucks, it went in Seattle's best - and also carried the money in the cash register ... Starbucks. Therefore, the company not only to cope with the overflow of part of its customer audience to a competitor, but also captured the audience further haters Starbucks, you would never have had otherwise.

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