Date: how to win his heart SECRET OF FOURTH - STYLISTIC

If you want to look feminine and privelekatelno not necessarily wear fishnet stockings, very short skirt, lace bustier and lacquer jacket. The image of a professional seductress, or more simply, the girls are not the worst behavior only spoil everything. Men do not like to think that his choice to offer himself to all. Therefore gird so that the most exciting was hidden from prying eyes. Also, do not try to dress smartly pointed and expensive. Your gentleman may think that you are to him, "can not afford" it feels awkward and not confident, and therefore is unlikely to want to develop the relationship further, because no one wants to feel flawed. Most interesting is that research of sociologists, most men do not attract any particular style, but the very existence of style and good taste. In other words, be careful not to walk all, save your brain from the standard solutions. Choose your own unique style.


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