The golden mean

Women want to think that their loved handsome prince, and not suffering from a psychopath. Men also do not like hysterical and so-called time bombs, from which it is not known what to expect, as they may explode at any moment. Unpredictability partner loosens nerves and kills feeling just as full and absolute predictability bores. Search for "golden mean" in the construction of your relationship, do not be too predictable, but do not behave on the brink of a foul. Partner must be confident in you, but it should not be bored with you. You can do this on the background of the "reasonable constancy" give a small unexpected "holiday of love and joy." This can be a picnic in the environment, and not on Saturday and Sunday, vegan dinner in Chinese or French-style meeting with favorite work in a kimono or home day spa treatments just for the two of you ... Get the imagination, but do not be too extravagant ... Search your "golden mean"


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