Chinese pop art and splashing in advertising Nike.

Advertising agency DMG, Beijing has developed a series of absolutely pop-art prints for the legendary brand by Nike and held under its auspices competitions in street basketball.

Experimental campaign for Nike, built around competitions in basketball, "3 on 3" held in Beijing. Mix of pop-culture images of ancient China and sporting aggression doing their job - prints were very very youth and sport. That, however, is already perfectly familiar to Nike.

In parallel with this print campaign for competitions on street basketball more Chinese agency - Shanghai office of Wieden + Kennedy - has launched a video in support of the sixth selection round NBA Draft - China's Yi Jianlian, the results of which some of the players of the Chinese team will be able to conclude a contract with the NBA.

The style of this movie is partly similar with the style of printed campaign Beijing agency DMG: reception design also used the 70-ies - the "bouquet" of diverse subjects. However, unlike prints, where we see a riot of colors, the roller is designed in white.

Narration: "You can become a professional in 15 years. You can play for his national team. You can win 3 championships. You can be named MVP (Most Valuable Player - most valuable player). But this is not enough. You can be just the one you have made of yourself further ยป.

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