How to shoot a promotional video with a huge two-legged creature, consisting of thousands of people for Miller Lite

On TV screens the US went out roller Miller Lite, developed by Crispin Porter + Bogusky and filmed by director Zack Snyder, known for his work in cinema - "Dawn of the Dead" and "300". "The protagonist of the" 60-second spot «Break From The Crowd "(" Break out of the crowd "), proclaims the personality and the right to its own choice - a huge two-legged creature, consisting of thousands of people gathered them himself on the streets. It comes up to the bar on the beach, and people that make it, screaming something unintelligible, like the word «beer». And only one young man stands out from the crowd - he asks for Miller Lite, which is why the monster disintegrates, releasing its "details" to freedom.

Post-production video engaged in Method Studios: using a variety of different techniques, including own work in the field of simulation of the crowd, they made about 1,200 characters to create this cute giant. The video was also attended by only a few mannequins and live actors. For the actual shooting scene order Miller Lite at a bar on the beach had to create a 10-meter structure, to which hung actors.

Alex Frisch, Method Studios: «We are very involved in the process early. For the agency it was important that the monster was not terrible, so it was not terrifying and violent. It is a happy, good-looking giant. Over the week we spent only on testing different things to see what we can achieve in the transfer of his appearance and behavior. We had also the Treatment Zach that we work in strict accordance with his vision. If we missed something in the pre-production, we would not be able to fix it later. »

How much work was done for the video can be seen in the five-minute video «Behind The Scene»:



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