Creative review: scale, global and epic commercials

If an agency dared to propose, and the client decided to buy the idea that it will be very expensive, but it will be a large-scale in all, the chances are that the movie will make a stunning impression, increases substantially.

While impressive not only the audience, but also to professionals and members of the jury all sorts of festivals. That is confirmed, for example, the history of the Grand Prix in the category of Film Cannes Lions: 6 Festival "large-scale" spots received the top prize three times.

1. Smirnoff «Sea»

Spot coined by JWT London - a grandiose self-purification of the world's oceans: rising from the bottom of not only banks of beer, and colossal statues, planes from World War II and the old ships. Water splashes out on the land all the dirt that kopilas centuries. At the end of the video before the viewer is presented clean ocean.

The movie "Ocean", which pozitsiniruet Smirnoff, as the purest vodka, completes tagline: "Sverhochistka. 10 stages of filtration. The triple distillation. Pure Smirnoff ».

2. MTN «Stickies» The agency Metropolitan Republic and production Wicked Pixels created cpot, which is a very brief summary of ideas of several young people who might want to surprise the city pasting buildings all familiar leaves post-it, they created a giant 15-meter man - an original pixel art. And then, perekleivaya leaves, they forced him to move.

Production minute movie demanded a million leaflets post-it, 96,314 pictures general "weight" of 2.5 terabytes, 4.9 km 35mm film, 3 weeks and 83 hours of installation calculation in Flame. It is suggested that this is the most technically and creatively ambitious movie in the history of advertising in South Africa.

This video and previous work Metropolitan Republic «Clap», is also very ambitious, we took a bronze and silver at the festival Loerie Awards.

3. Axe «Beach»

It is noteworthy that the movie agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty was shown in Britain only once, but during the broadcast group match of the World Cup England-Sweden, where all the Brits joined their TVs, while the value of 1 second ether rose in price several times.

The video begins with the fact that the two girls running through the woods in an unknown direction. During the video the number of girls is increasing exponentially, and by the end we already see millions of girls in bikinis running towards one guy.

4. Mail On Sunday «Battle»

BBH London and Partizan reflected in the work of the eternal confrontation between the sexes, which has a long history (perhaps it lasts as much as there is humanity).

Roller, promoting magazines and You Live, shows the scene of an epic battle between women and men against each other, thus visualizing the eternal moral confrontation between the sexes. The men kicked in the army Women soccer balls and run the machine with radio control, and women respond throwing bags and inciting small dogs. At the Battle of the idyllic happy ending - the warring parties to the peace and reading You Live, settled down side by side on the battlefield.

5. Vaseline «Sea Of Skin» The video that gets the gold at Cannes 2007, founded the New York office of the agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty and is focused on the repositioning of the line cosmetic products Vaseline, appeared in the late 19th century.

The poetic video footage microphotography skin alternated with pictures of naked people in the beautiful landscapes of Iceland, speaking about the role played by 300 million skin cells to protect, restore, and temperature regulation of the human body. Naked actors spot shown in the woods, on boats, in the urban landscape with hands outstretched to the sun. The voiceover clip ends with the words: "Your skin is amazing. Watch for it ».

6. Guinness «noitulovE»

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and Daniel Kleinman took the Grand Prix at Cannes last year, shown in the video the true cause of the evolution of mankind. Little horrible prehistoric creatures do not like water from a puddle. And away we go.

"I wanted to show amazing growth story - in the video, the viewer sees the ice age, how moved continental formations, formation of volcanoes and lakes. Through this picture you can see the story of three friends, "- says Danny Kleynmen.

Developing roller Guinness was worth 1 million euros. Another 15 million have been spent for tranlyatsy on TV and in cinemas.

7. Carlton Draught «Big Ad» This Australian spot was in 2006, a major competitor ginnessovskoy evolution in the fight for the Grand Prix. George Patterson Y & R parodied rollers ogroooomnymi budgets, removing the least expensive video.

The landscape in the style of "The Lord of the Rings" is running a huge number of people waving yellow and red robes, forming a giant man and a glass of beer. The basic irony in the amended text of the song O fortuna from the cantata German composer Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana", which fiercely sung heroes: "It is a great advertising! Very big advertisement! This is a great advertisement, in which we are engaged! This is a great advertisement. My God, what is it big! Incredibly great! For Carlton Draught! She just fucking awesome! This is a great advertisement. Dear advertising. So it would be better to sell it a little bit of beer cherrrrtovogo! »

8. PlayStation2 «Mountain» This video, which is difficult to perceive clearly, received the Grand Prix at Cannes in 2003.

TBWA \ London and Frank Budgen children's game show "King of the Hill," which has gained quite a children's swing. Thousands of people climbing on top of each other, interfering spihivaya down, we created a mountain above the skyscrapers to have on its top. Tagline: «Fun Anyone?»

9. Nike «Tag» This Grand Prix in 2002. The same Frank Budgen, but in collaboration with Wieden + Kennedy also took the award for best use of music and journalism prize sympathies.

Well, it is impossible not to recall 250 thousand "ball» Sony, filmed in San Francisco in a specially overlapped quarter, and 606 duplicate it took to remove the two-minute "gear" for Honda.



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