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The site presents a selection of the most prominent, interesting and significant from the perspective of creative commercials, which we wrote about in the break between halves mae.V UEFA Champions League Ford Europe has launched its new pan-European television campaign for the Ford Kuga, worth $ 60 million.
The campaign aims to support the launch of the new all-wheel drive car Ford Kuga, which plans to compete with the Toyota Rav4.
The video, which appeared on the air on May 21 at 20.32 minutes GMT, called «Blank Canvas» («blank canvas") and tells the audience that from time to time need to change the old rules and start with a clean canvas. We are talking about the design of the new Kuga, Ford's which are unusual and uncharacteristic vehicles in its class. The campaign is based on the question "Who says we have to take routine?" And guess what might happen if the design ideas will begin with a blank, white canvas and will not be burdened by the fact that it was up to them.
The video, for the filming of which was used about 5000 meters canvas art, took the director of the "first line", the Dane Nicolai Fuglsig, selected Ogilvy Advertising, for his passion in your work and a bright outlook on advertising, for the ability to combine the extraordinary image and interesting history, captures the attention of the viewer .
The soundtrack, which is a merit in the creation of even more enchanting atmosphere - a composition from the last album the young French singer Samille.

In early May, on YouTube there's a new hit movie - guys carry dizzying stunts, jumping into jeans. Responsibility for the act of an effective viral advertising a week later took over Levi's.
Almost two-minute video, created in the image and likeness of the movie «Guy catches glasses with face» for Ray-Ban-year-old old, a week raised nearly 2, 5 million views, and came in first place in the categories of Most Viewed and Most Discussed. Matches with its predecessor in style and time-to videos (between one year), as expected, are not accidental. Author virusnikov both - the agency Cutwater and Feed Company.
Dizzying very traumatic stunts in the movie performed by professional break-dancers, dressed in silk boxers and using pretty starched jeans to facilitate ingress. The Levi Strauss claim that all this live recording.

The agency Publicis Conseil, headed by the legendary Olivier Oltmanom provided a great spot for the mobile operator Orange, is known to use particularly bright emotions in advertising.
Concerning the new service operator called Rewind TV offers broadcast TV to mobile phones as well as computers and conventional TV via broadband technology IPTV (analogue of "Stream-TV"). A distinctive feature of the service is a function of "video on demand", thanks to which can review your favorite movies and transfer of French television channels, including the use of the function rewind to the beginning (rewind).
The main feature of the new movie was the fast time, which was not made with the help of computer technology (especially important for Orange humanity, not processability), but entirely by hand - the actors, who were to carry out actions "backwards».

Honda, London and Tokyo offices of Wieden + Kennedy launched the second stage of the Asian campaign «Drive Every Drop» («manage every drop"), tells about the efficient and environmentally friendly use of fuel in cars with Honda engines i-Vtec.
The idea of ​​the campaign - to make people reflect on the fuel efficiency of cars and the measure "gallon" or "liters" gave way to "drop." And tell us about the environmental benefits of the engines i-Vtec, specifically designed to squeeze out every drop of fuel max.
May 24 during the broadcast of the Formula 1 race in Monaco, the air was launched video, which shows the viewer inside the engine cylinder. What happens to him when there gets a drop of gasoline - blue flash that causes the wheels to spin. Features of the new Honda engine shown through a series of drops that penetrate into the engine only when it is really necessary, and therefore spent less fuel than normal.

Grey New York has developed a campaign for a new camera Canon Eos Rebel XSi, aligning itself a novelty, and sponsorship of the Corporation for National Football League USA.
Roller «Journey» («Journey") for the Rebel XSi uses a unique technology that connects the individual photos in the "frame by frame" movie.
Grey New York used a new camera for advertising idea - remove the advertising of the product by the same product. The collected footage from 70,000 photographs taken by ten photographers create the illusion of continuous movement. This video demonstrates the capabilities of Canon Eos Rebel. Kontsetriruya the audience's attention on 25 years, the duty of the history of the NFL, the sponsorship of Canon USA National Football League, the movie shows the love of many people in American football of America, regardless of age, gender, lifestyle and level of professionalism.

DDB Canada has presented Canadian audiences a new design SUV Subaru Forester, reconcile the irreconcilable - sumo wrestlers.

American Legacy Foundation, Arnold et agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky launched the television broadcast of musical third of five planned in the campaign «The Sunny Side Of Truth», aimed at combating smoking.

"Sunny Side of Truth", launched in January this year, aims to tell the teenagers and young people about the unpleasant consequences associated with smoking, not reading fell into the notation and intimidation. American Legacy Foundation offers a glimpse of smoke from the other side and find the hidden hitherto positive.

For the filming of the project invited Tom Kuntz / MJZ, famous for his ability to create a situation in rollers complete surah and madness.
In the video, released in May, affected by another burning topic - the health of children of smoking mothers. The main characters, except for a young guy with a megaphone, stork, tired to drag plump healthy children, and pale tiny premature babies in incubators.
Text video:
Guy: In 1971, when one of the manufacturers of tobacco reminded that smoking often leads to the birth of children with low weight, he said that some women would prefer to young children.
Stork: I would just prefer healthy children I just exhausting!
Song: Healthy children - it's not fun, eat too much, and are growing rapidly. But if you're a fan of tobacco, then you will have a little painful children. They are so small that can fit in the pocket of your jeans. A bit scary and horrible, but not too much. However, nothing sweeter in life, you have not seen? So greet tobacco producers, it is so healthy offspring gone, long live the small, quiet kids!

Daniel Kleinman - the next in a series of outstanding advertising directors, by Specsavers invited to shoot commercials in his favorite major British opticians cinematic manner.
TV spots of the campaign, which is easier to call "minute film" relieve some of the best directors industry. The video, which was released in the broadcast this week, took Daniel Kleinman - Master scale and drama. 60-second spot is made in the style of suspense who shot 15-20 years ago. «Eerie», the name of the video, translated as "creepy, dark, sinister," and Kleynmanu managed to perfectly convey exactly the kind of atmosphere.

Women have always had a special relationship with chocolate, but the girls raise these relations to a new level in the Dove advertising campaign in support of a new product - the little chocolates in individual packaging.
Agency CumminsNitro Melbourne and director James Pilkington of The Sweetshop Auckland Productions introduces us to individuals Dove.
Two little nervous girls obsessed with chocolate. There is a girl named Em Ocean (~ Em Otsionalnaya), who eats chocolate only in cases when it is experiencing strong emotions. However, if she has no reason to be overly emotional, she finds them. The second girl named Pam Nesia (~ Am Neziya) eating chocolate, to forget about troubles. But the problem is that chocolate simply erases her memory.

«Paranoid Eye» (Paranoid Eye) - new work Argentine Agency VegaOlmosPonce, designed to support the release of a new product under the name of Unilever Axe Dry Sharp Focus.
At this time, no easy task for the agency was to develop a global advertising campaign, which would have supported a key insight: "When you check your sweating, you lose a Woman." Video shot directorial collective group Traktor and shows us the story of a guy who could not help but each time met a girl, checks whether he was sweating.

New commercials Chevrolet Aveo is made based on the acclaimed advertising for Citroen C4, depicting dancing transformer. Authors roller announces updated Chevy Aveo, bet on its practicality, functionality useless beating Citroen C4, advertised dancing transformer.

The Taiwanese company HTC, the smartphone maker Touch, designed to compete with the iPhone, is launching its first television advertising campaign to prove that the brand is as good as the Silicon Valley Apple.
The campaign, entitled «Set your fingers free» (~ Liberate your fingers), first launched in the United States, and later in other countries. Spot length of 60 seconds shows a pair of fingers that "walk" across multiple miniature sites, including the city, the train, an ice rink and a disco.
At the end of the roller fingers stop at the HTC Touch, demonstrating "the possibility that you are always at hand».

The plot of the new movie AMP Energy, developed by BBDO NY, begins with the fact that the hero wakes up in the gloomy morning after yesterday's party with a splitting head of a hangover.
Roller «Walk Of No Shame» («Way without shame") - a hymn to people suffering from a hangover and, as is customary throughout the world, have done all sorts of foolish things yesterday, from which in theory should be very ashamed, but no! Going out and drinking AMP Energy, movie characters come to life slowly, starting a new life with a song that they will never be ashamed.

French TV channel Sci-Fi, transmitting science fiction in all its forms, has launched

touching and sad campaign «Adopt Sci-Fi» («Adopt Sci-Fi»).

Sci-Fi - is a small, very sad alien whose evil compatriots brought to Earth and dumped near the orphanage "last hope". The shelter of him in every way bullied boy, do not take him for his, making an already sentimental kid getting sadder and sadder.

The apparent advantage of the campaign but certainly a fresh approach to television advertising is an excellent knowledge of human psychology and the ability to put pressure on the desired chord in the soul, manifested Agency and director Reynald Gresset. They have provided the most paradigmatic touching alien traits, and his life - full of all kinds of hardship and humiliation. Every second roller is desperate wrenching pity for Sci-Fi, and a burning desire to rid him of the injustice of life and cruel orphans, adopted him.

Argentine supermarket chain Disco and agency Y & R ARGENTINA launched an unusual campaign, based on the dreams of women who forgot to buy something very necessary for home.
The creative idea of ​​a new campaign shows the dreams of women. Insight is based on how to pursue the purchase of forgotten thoughts of women in a dream. Women have dreams where the protagonists are the purchase, which they did not. Waking up, they recorded their sleep «to do» Shopping.

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