DDB Toronto: German engineers cry, looking at the new Subaru Impreza

DDB Toronto in Canada has launched an advertising campaign updated Subaru Impreza, which dared to declare longstanding tacit confrontation avtokonstruktorov Japanese and German and, moreover, to resolve it in favor of the Japanese.

For those who are interested in cars, it is no secret that almost all motorists can be divided into those who prefer the German automotive industry, and those who believe that the best Japanese cars in the world. Even the manufacturers are trying to silence to outdo each other.

Starting this week, residents of Canada will be able to see the suffering of the German engineers from the fact that they do not create such a perfect machine.

Andrew Simon, senior vice-president, creative director, DDB Canada: «For many years, the use of forged zamylenny praise was the basis of advertising vehicles. We thought, we do not want to do the same and to extol Subaru yourself and find people who will do it for us - German engineers ».

Don Durst, senior vice-president, sales and marketing, Subaru Canada: «Campaign Impreza 2008 - an innovative strategy and a strong creative base. We are absolutely confident in its success - already exceed the planned sales figures, and I'm happy to report that even our dealers shaken ».

Tagline campaign: & quot; The Japanese car the Germans wish they made «-« The Japanese machine, which dreamed to create the Germans ».

In the video, which will be broadcast on television and in movie theaters in Canada, viewers will see four men in white coats who tested Subaru Impreza on the test track. They enjoy the car and move to the beat of drift and German hit the 80s - song group Amadeus Falco.

Also, the campaign includes promotional website ImprezaEnvy.com, outdoor, print ads and an unusual direct mail that looks absolutely as well as look letters that get Canadians from across the ocean. This is a letter from a fictional engineer Gunther Schroeder, who admits that he can not do otherwise, he has to clear his conscience, telling about the benefits of the new Impreza. The letter attached photos of the car, equipped with his handwritten notes.

The site visitors pass through 4 zones (the director's office, photo lab, an engineering lab and garage), receive full information about the car, and even more so - the site has instructions on how to make paper from the Subaru Impreza.

Print and outdoor advertising consists of three prints. On one of them depicts an old German engineer, with tears of vexation, envy and delight flowing down her cheeks; on the other a curse from the German automotive weekly, replaced by decent and traditional symbols for such cases; and the third on top of pictures of the machine imposed target for darts. It upset the designers invited to unburden himself.

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