Snacks that are watching you

Super-director Tom Kuntz took another incomprehensible Nutty advertising. This time with the agency, famous mad incomprehensible decisions. Fallon London has developed an advertising campaign for cheese snack Cheestrings («Cheese thread"). In recent years, the slogan of the product - "A glass of milk each," and mascot, as shown on the packaging of the product - shaggy creature with yellow eyes, no nose and mouth, are remarkably similar to Hattifattener of "Moomin" Tove Jansson.

The idea of ​​the new campaign is not linked to the main symbols of the brand slogan and packaging with "Hattifattener" appears only on pekshote with unknown telephone tube is mounted on a glass of milk.

All previous pekshotu can be described as an event is shown through the eyes of the unknown Mr.Strings, which monitors people, frightens them and at the same time with maniacal persistence snorts his name.


Download video clip or view a list of the creative team


Download video clip or view a list of the creative team

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  • 13 February 2009
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